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A supportive family

Anthony Davidson-Cowen

The compensation for my dad is going to help him by buying him a better dementia bed, which will make him more comfortable.

Anthony Davidson-Cowen, Cedric's son

In March 2016, Anthony Davidson-Cowen made the decision to move in with his parents, to take care of his dad, Cedric Cowen.

At the time his dad had postural hypertension and vascular dementia; however, he was mobile and able to walk with the aid of a walking stick. Anthony had all the relevant assessments arranged by the GP at the house and his dad was able to use the stairs and sleep in his own bed.

In August, Anthony’s dad unfortunately had a non-responsive fit, an ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital. Whilst in hospital a CT was carried out and doctors advised that Anthony’s dad had a water and stomach infection. He was taken to the acute medical admissions unit and the following day a doctor confirmed postural hypertension and it was noticed that Cedric’s blood pressure was very erratic. The plan from there was for Anthony’s dad to undergo physio and occupational therapy and it was estimated he would be discharged a few days later.

Later that evening, Cedric was transferred to a ward and put into a side room on his own. Anthony’s mother was with him and did question with nurses if he should be in there due to his dementia. Nurses advised her not to worry and they were aware of where he was and he would be fine.

Anthony’s mum left the hospital at 9 pm and at approximately 9:40 pm, Cedric had a fall and suffered from a fractured hip and vomited blood. The following day, Anthony and his family received a call to say his dad had fallen and fractured his hip, his family went straight to the hospital to meet with a doctor, however, he was unable to confirm how the fall had occurred.

It was advised that Anthony’s dad would need to be assessed for a hip operation and would potentially need to be reviewed by the gastro team. Anthony and his family informed the doctor that they felt his dad appeared more confused than normal and were advised this was likely due to the infection that the CT scan had revealed.

Two days later, Anthony’s dad underwent an operation to repair his hip and spent approximately a week on the orthopaedic ward recovering. Following this, he was taken to a different hospital unit for two weeks before Anthony and his family asked if they would take him home. The hospital arranged for physios to come to their home and for a hospital bed to be delivered so his dad could stay downstairs.

Unfortunately, Anthony’s dad now has to continue living downstairs and didn’t receive any physio for the five weeks during his hospital stay. He has also been delayed his hernia repair due to being a bed-bound patient. Anthony’s dad is now unable to do some of the things he loved before the fall, such as gardening or pottering around the house.

In late 2016, Anthony decided to contact us to bring a claim against the hospital trust where his dad had been treated. Amy Kirk, a medical negligence lawyer handled Anthony’s case and achieved a settlement of £14,500. She passed on her comments about the case, “This case settled in just over 9 months, and embodies the benefits of a fast, fair settlement for all parties. I hope that measures will be put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else, and wish Anthony, his dad, and their family the best for the future.”

Anthony gave his feedback on the case and commented how his dad is going to use his compensation, “The service I have received has been excellent, you have kept me up to date and informed me all the way through which has been great. All the correspondence has been accurate, and exactly where I needed to sign has always been highlighted, avoiding having to repeat anything. The compensation for my dad is going to help him by buying him a better dementia bed which will make him more comfortable now that he is bed bound and we are also looking to see if we can get him a better wheelchair, which may help him become a little mobile, even if it is just getting him into the garden.”

We hope Anthony’s dad is able to become a little more mobile in the future and return to doing some of the things he used to before the negligence.

Amy Kirk

Case Lawyer

Amy is a fee earner within the team she is responsible for drafting letters of claim. She will have an in-depth understanding of the case in order to draft the letter of claim, which will outline the formal allegations we are making. Amy proactively chases a response to these letters and evaluates the quantum of the case. She will also collate and consider the customer’s losses, and negotiate with the Defendant if an offer of settlement is made.

Key Case Details

Cedric suffered fall whilst in hospital which resulted in a fractured femur neck. he needed to remain in hospital longer, undergo a right dynamic hip screw operation. This also delayed Cedric undergoing a left inguinal hernia repair and left him bed bound.
We settled Anthony's case for £14,500 in just over 9 months.
We hope Anthony’s dad is able to become a little more mobile in the future and return to doing some of the things he used to before the negligence.

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