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An avoidable accident

An avoidable accident

Serious Injury

An avoidable accident

Joseph Ford from Liverpool, now 20 years old, was riding his Honda CBR motorcycle along a road in Darwen, Lancashire when he was involved in a serious motorbike accident. Joseph was riding along a very familiar road, one which he’d used every day when he lived in the area, on the way to his friend’s house.

The weather was overcast and drizzling slightly, however there was clear visibility for road users. Whilst travelling along the road, Joseph safely overtook a car which was traveling at 40mph, below the speed limit. There were two bollards on a traffic island in the middle of the road, but once Joseph had completed the overtake; he pulled back into the road well before the two bollards.

As he continued along the road, the road turned to the left; at this point he reduced his speed, noting his drop in the speed limit to 30mph. He noticed a parked car to his left, straddling the curb in front of a side road.

There was a brief moment where Joseph was able to look down the side of the parked car to see if there were any vehicles approaching from the side road to his left. He momentarily saw a black Volvo reach the junction, expecting the car to stop and the driver to check for traffic before pulling out of the road.

As Joseph pulled alongside the parked car, the Volvo suddenly emerged from the side road, turning to the right; the car had pulled out quickly before stopping in the middle of the road, blocking Joseph’s path, as if the driver had then noticed the oncoming motorbike.

Joseph tried to avoid the car, swerving to the right, but the car accelerated forward. Joseph was unable to avoid the car and unfortunately collided with the front driver’s side of the car.

On impact with the car, Joseph was thrown from his motorbike; he flew over the handlebars and hit the windscreen of the car, before landing in the road. He immediately attempted to stand up, before realising he was unable to as his right leg had been badly injured.

Joseph sat up and tried to remove his jackets, only managing to get the top jacket off before people came over to try and restrain him from moving too much, to ensure he didn’t cause any further injury to himself.

Within half an hour the emergency services had attended the scene. Paramedics were first to arrive, followed by the police and fire brigade. Joseph was lifted onto a stretcher and strapped down to restrict his movement. His helmet was removed by paramedics, who put him into a neck brace before taking him into the ambulance.

The police questioned Joseph in the back of the ambulance for a couple of minutes, before he was taken to the nearest hospital, where he stayed to recover.

After coming out of hospital, Joseph went to live with his mother so she could provide care for him during his recovery. Due to the collision, Joseph suffered pain in his neck and shoulders, along with a fractured right knee, with ligament damage.

We acted on behalf of Joseph and despite the third party insurers denying liability from the outset, court proceedings were issued and we achieved a settlement of £30,000 for Joseph.

Ashley Nolan, a lawyer within our serious injury department, handled Joseph’s case and said:

We’re glad Joseph’s case has now settled and hope the compensation he has received will help him to move forward and provide him with financial security in the immediate future.

Joseph is planning to use some of his compensation to give his two young children a good Christmas and we wish him all the best for the future.

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Ashley Nolan - Case Lawyer

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Due to his motorbike colliding with a car, Joseph suffered pain in his neck and shoulders, along with a fracture and ligament damage to his right knee.


Joseph's case settled for £30,000.


We acted on behalf of Joseph and despite the third party insurers denying liability from the outset, court proceedings were issued before we achieved successful settlement of Joseph's case.

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