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Customer suffers a seven month delay in diagnosis of kidney problem

Customer suffers a seven month delay in diagnosis of kidney problem

Medical Negligence

Client suffers a seven month delay in kidney diagnosis problem and told it’s likely she’ll suffer from regular infections

In August 2012, our customer developed pain in her left kidney and attended the Royal Liverpool Hospital and Aintree Hospital on a regular basis.

She was told that she had a water infection that had spread to her kidney and she was placed on antibiotics. She was experiencing a substantial amount of pain and this affected her daily life and impacted on her ability to look after her child.

In 2015, she questioned her treatment as she didn’t feel that it was working as she remained in pain.

An ultrasound scan was undertaken at Aintree Hospital at her GP’s request. For reasons not known to the customer, the scanning focused on her ovaries and cysts were diagnosed.

She was then referred her for a CT scan on her kidneys. The scan revealed an obstruction in her body, which had caused major damage to her left kidney, affecting its ability to function adequately. The consultant advised her that the obstruction should have been detected and removed years ago.

In May 2016, she had the CT scan and she was advised that her left kidney was only functioning at 24% capacity but that it could be saved. It was proposed to remove the obstruction but she was advised that it would cease functioning altogether at some point in the future and would need removing. She was also informed that she would likely suffer from regular kidney infections in the future.

In May 2017, she underwent a left radical nephrectomy at Aintree University Hospital and remained in hospital for three days.

The Claimant suffered a seven month delay in diagnosing chronic left PUJ obstruction with marked hydronephrosis and otherwise avoidable seven month period of left loin / abdominal pain and the associated loss of amenity.

She was awarded £9,500 by Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Stephanie Davies, a litigation executive who handled the case, said: “This client suffered with a period of unavoidable pain that caused her to miss spending valuable time with her young baby. I hope that the compensation that she has received will go towards helping her move forward from this ordeal.

Case Personnel

Stephanie Davies - Case Solicitor

Key case timeline


Our customer was treated with antibiotics for a water infection. A few years later it was discovered that major damage had been caused to her left kidney.


The customer underwent a left radical nephrectomy. She was awarded £9,500 for the seven month delay in diagnosis.

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