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Iain's Story

Iain's Story

Serious Injury

Fletchers have supported Iain in his recovery after he fell six floors from an eight story hotel and sustained a series of injuries

Fletchers was always the right choice for me. They know what people like me are going to need before we even realise what we’re going to need. The house that I lived in before the accident, there’s no way that could be altered to be suitable. That meant that there had to be somewhere else for me to go to. The changes have been absolutely tremendous. I’ve got somewhere dedicated for me.”

Key case timeline


When Iain fell several stories from a collapsing crane, many thought he wouldn't survive. He did, but suffered a series of serious injuries including a fractured neck which severed his spinal cord, a fracture of both collar bones, ruptured tendons, damaged ligaments, a Brachial plexus injury and a bleed on the brain which left him with a long term brain injury.


Our client received a multi-million pound settlement including annual payments for the rest of his life.


The case was extremely complex due to the nature of the accident and the various potential defendants, all of whom blamed each other. Eventually after a long battle, we were able to secure a full settlement.


Iain has worked to gain as much independence as possible. He has bought a new house which has been completly adapted for his electric wheelchair, and has an adapted car that allows him to go to the shops or for a meal out without needing a carer.

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