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Sarah's Story

Sarah's Story

Medical Negligence

After losing her husband to cancer following years of misdiagnosis, Sarah was able to secure her family’s future

“The compensation has made a massive difference. It’s allowed us to move house and it’s future proofed for us. It’s allowed us to live the life that I know Nick would have wanted. Having Fletchers to call and say, ‘I don’t really understand, can you explain this to me’ was just brilliant. It’s been very difficult but knowing that we’re dealing with people that really understand the emotions behind the numbers has been amazing.”

Case Personnel

Julie Garner - Case Solicitor

Key case timeline


Sarah's late husband suffered from a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of bowel cancer. As a result of the delay, the cancer became incurable and her husband sadly passed away.


Although nothing can ever take away the pain of losing a beloved family member, Sarah and her children received a seven figure award of compensation, which will provide financial security for the family and enable them to move forward with their life. She also received a full admission of negligence and an apology from the NHS Trust.


Settled, with the family receiving a seven figure award of compensation.


The family has been able to move into a larger property which has room for their children to grow and thrive. Because of the financial security she now has, she is now able to focus on moving forward with her children, including her son, who has additional needs.

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