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Stuart's Story

Stuart's Story

Motorcycle Accidents Serious Injury

Stuart’s life changed forever when an oncoming vehicle hit his motorcycle. Despite this, Stuart is as active and positive as ever

“Not long after the crash, my bike insurer put me on to Fletchers Solicitors. Knowing that they’re a motorbike specialist was really good and really comforting. Knowing that they understand the circumstances of where I was made a huge difference.”

Case Personnel

Andrew Clark - Case Solicitor

Key case timeline


Stuart suffered significant damage to his right leg, including bone loss of one third of the right fibula, anterolateral tibia and 50% of the lateral condyle. In addition. Furthermore, he experienced severe posterolateral corner soft tissue and bony injury to the right knee, including damage to the ligaments / tendons.


Stuarts case was successful, and settled for a six figure sum.


Stuart was always an active and sporty individual, and was able to buy a power assisted mountain bike which allows him to enjoy his new hobby and push himself physically, despite the long term effects of his injury.

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