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Testicular cancer victim suffers after surgeons fail to remove a plastic needle guide

Testicular cancer victim suffers after surgeons fail to remove a plastic needle guide

Medical Negligence

Testicular cancer victim, George suffered years of pain after surgeons fail to remove a plastic needle guide

In 2011, George was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He had a testicular tumour and was referred to hospital for treatment. George underwent a left orchidectomy, which involves removing the testicle and inserting a false implant.

George’s surgery had appeared to have gone well, however over the years he found he was suffering from some pain and discomfort in his testicles. He attended his GP for a further consultation and to raise his concerns, however, he was reassured that there was nothing of concern.

Unfortunately, George also suffered from erectile dysfunction following the surgery and had previously informed his GP of this.

Several years after his operation, George received a letter from the surgeon requesting to see him, to check on his implants. It was noted that the prostheses used during George’s surgery may have been placed with a plastic needle guide in-situ.

Upon attending the hospital, George was examined by the surgeon, who advised he could feel lumps within the implants and due to this, he would need an ultrasound. This then revealed that a needle guide had been left inside the implant and this had been the cause of his pain and discomfort.

The ultrasound had revealed a 20.8mm linear structure at the upper pole of the left testicular prosthesis, which would need to be removed during a surgical procedure.

George underwent exploration surgery for the removal of the needle guide that had been left in situ during this operation back in 2011. During the surgery, only the needle guide was removed and George’s implant remained in place. He was then discharged the same day to recover at home.

Unfortunately, George suffered from an infection post-operatively however after a contacting his GP he was prescribed antibiotics and made a full recovery.

A few weeks later, George returned to the hospital for a follow-up appointment. He was examined by the surgeon who had informed him the operation had gone well. George no longer suffers from any pain, discomfort or erectile dysfunction and has made a full recovery from the surgery.

George contacted Fletchers to bring a medical negligence claim for the unnecessary pain, suffering and loss of amenity, in addition to the avoidable surgery which he underwent to remove the needle guide.

The hospital trust admitted that there had been a failure to remove the plastic needle guide during George’s orchidectomy surgery in 2011. Subsequently, he would not have experienced pain and discomfort or needed to undergo further surgery years later.

In February this year, we successfully settled George’s claim for £14,000. Angel Chen, a Solicitor within our medical negligence department, handled George’s case.

We hope George’s compensation will help towards him moving on from the medical negligence he has suffered.

*George’s name has been changed to protect his identity.

Case Personnel

Angel Chen - Case Solicitor

Key case timeline


George underwent a left orchidectomy after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. During the operation his testicle was removed and a false implant inserted. Over the next few years, George found he was suffering from pain and discomfort in his testicles. He was advised it was nothing to be concerned about. He received a letter several years later which advised there may have been a plastic needle guide left inside him during the operation. George needed to undergo further surgery to have the needle guide removed.


We investigated George's case and achieved a settlement of £14,000.


George no longer suffers from any pain or discomfort and has made a full recovery from his operation.

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