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The misdiagnoses that led to tragedy

The misdiagnoses that led to tragedy

Medical Negligence

The misdiagnoses that led to tragedy

Mr Jardine’s death was a result of not one but perhaps three separate instances of medical negligence – the misdiagnosing of his symptoms and the failure to treat them correctly.

It all began in mid summer 2009 when he started to experience chest pains. He didn’t think much of them at the time but two days later he collapsed at work. He refused an ambulance but his wife collected him and took him home. She telephoned the emergency doctor who advised that an ambulance should be called to attend to him at home. The ambulance duly arrived and whisked Mr Jardine off to hospital where he was examined and had some blood tests done. He wasn’t admitted though and was discharged with a diagnosis of muscle strain.

The next day, Mr Jardine’s condition hadn’t improved any so the ambulance was called out again. This time, there was no trip to hospital. They attended him at home and said that it was still muscle strain and there was nothing to do other than rest.

Two days later, Mr Jardine’s chest pains were starting to get more pronounced – not the usual result of muscle strain – so he went to his GP. Who diagnosed him with indigestion and gave him some pills.

It’s now a week since Mr Jardine first started feeling pains, and they haven’t lessened despite the indigestion tablets. So he goes back to his GP. This time his doctor gave him different pills – for sickness and nausea.

Same thing the next day. More pains, another trip to the GP, dismissed with more pills for indigestion. This time though, when Mr Jardine got home, he felt dramatically worse so the ambulance was called again. The paramedics offered to take him to hospital but he decided against it.

He died in the night. Not of indigestion. Or sickness and nausea. But of a coronary thrombus.

We became involved with this case in early 2012 as Mrs Jardine felt the need to get some solicitors involved in order to finally get some answers as to why her husband died. The first thing we realised was that this was going to be a highly complex case as there were three Defendants to tackle – the GP, the Ambulance Service and the A&E Department at the hospital.

Having issued proceedings, we are currently awaiting responses from the three parties.

As solicitors, this struck us as a clear case of medical negligence. But as people, we couldn’t help but think that you don’t need to have years and years of medical expertise to see that something was seriously wrong with Mr Jardine and no one seemed to be interested enough to help him. We’re hoping that in our quest for compensation for Mrs Jardine that she will be able to find some kind of closure following her husband’s death and that the clinicians involved will be more careful in the future and not make this kind of ghastly mistake again.

If you’ve suffered any kind of medical negligence similar to what happened to Mr Jardine, then please don’t hesitate to call us now on 0330 013 0251 to talk to someone who’ll understand what you’re going through. Or alternatively, you can fill out a form here.

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We are hoping that the Defendants will admit liability and causation for Mr Jardine's death so that we can start making moves towards recovering compensation for his widow.


We have served formal proceedings to the Defendants.

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