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Alex Kenny

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex Kenny

Alex has worked at Fletchers since 2003 and has been promoted from Director of Marketing & Strategy to Executive Director of Strategy and Development; and then onto Chief Marketing Officer.

A law graduate turned marketing guru, Alex is in charge of spreading the word about the outstanding services that Fletchers provides to their customers. Alex oversees all of the firms marketing and advertising campaigns, and is responsible for the firms different brands and our overall reputation. His strategic planning, insight and innovation in legal marketing has helped lead Fletchers towards becoming market leaders in their niche field.

Alex Kenny has worked at Fletchers for 18 years and has led the firm’s marketing for the last nine years. He created and launched Fletchers’ consumer brand, Patient Claim Line, and was the first legal marketer to secure a sponsorship deal with ITV. In 2017, he was selected for a Marketing Academy Scholarship. Alex has played a key role in the growth of the firm, both as a marketer and a member of the management team, helping grow the business from 90 people to more than 500.

Alex said: “Having worked at Fletchers for so many years, there is a real sense of pride and achievement in being appointed to this role.

“Growing new business is a pivotal part of our plan, whether through marketing, commercial relationships or acquisitions. I am looking forward to this exciting new chapter working directly with Peter and Sun to achieve our vision over the next five years.”