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Comment: Text support service for mums to launch

November 7, 2019
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Assistant Litigation Executive, Jennifer Smith believes a new text message service for new mums will help women’s mental health.

“Mums Mind” is available as a support service for Leicestershire-based women during or immediately after pregnancy.

The text message service allows mothers to text if they experience anxiety, panic attacks or depression.

The service is a much-needed development for new mothers who may be struggling to bond with their new born baby or just struggling generally.

The Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust claim this is the first service of its kind available through the NHS.

As a result of its introduction, mothers can use it if they experience anxiety, or panic attacks.

It will be assuring for new mothers to know that they can send a text message without worry of being judged or blamed over their struggle with depression or their worry of being unable to bond with their child.

Mental health is a growing concern in society.

Having a quick and importantly discrete service on hand will hopefully contribute to improving mental health of new mothers who are struggling in the perinatal period.  

Donna Stafford, from the perinatal mental health team, said:

“We know 20% of women will experience mental health problems during the perinatal period.

What we want the Mum’s Mind message to do is improve access to services. We want people to be able to speak about their mental health problems.”

The dedicated text line – 07507330026 – operates from 09:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.

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