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Supporting our local community has been in the ethos of Fletchers since we opened our first office in Southport in 1987.


Focusing on fundraising for charities and supporting the social mobility agenda, this is still carried through everything we do today.

Through our charity partnerships, community investment and programmes to support young people, we are actively seeing ways to positively impact local communities in the North of England, through our resources, time, and skills.

FLE Foundation

We launched our new charity, Fletchers Foundation in January 2023, and it's already making a massive difference to people's lives.

Fletchers Foundation was born out of our responsibility we felt we had to do more to support our stakeholders and local communities.

We support our clients through the legal process that arises following a serious personal injury or accident. But there are many enquires that do not have a valid legal resolution - and it is these individuals or groups, The Foundation aims to support via a grant for aid, equipment, therapies, events, etc.


We are now accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community, via our partnership with SignVideo. Our partnership with SignVideo will enable those in the deaf and BSL community to contact us if they feel they might have a claim, by speaking to our New Enquiries Team using a BSL translator.

We are proud to say we are one of only a handful of businesses in the legal sector who offer this service.

Investing in local charities and community groups

Over the last ten years, our colleagues have supported hundreds of small local charities and community groups through our CSR Fund.

In 2022, we aligned our CSR Fund with our responsible business strategy and is designed to help people in our communities thrive, and focusing on wellbeing, inclusion, education, and the local environment.

Examples of causes we’ve supported range from a men’s mental health football team, buying litter picking equipment for a volunteer group to sponsoring Southport Against Racism’s annual ‘Black culture celebration’ event.

Our Communities
Our Communities

Fletchers Academy – an alternative route into the legal sector

Fletchers Academy was established in September 2022 as a pathway, for aspiring lawyers, that is atypical of the more traditional route into law and for those not on the Solicitor Apprenticeship path.

A mixture of A-level graduates and law degree graduates were recruited into the academy.

It was such a success that it will be back in 2023, and we will be tripling the cohort from 8 to 25 aspiring lawyers.

Supporting sector-specific charities

The Charities and Partnerships team, formed in May 2022 enables both existing and new charities to have a point of contact within the business.

Shortly after it was set up, the Executive Leadership Team signed off the strategy which focuses on building our reputation across the country, whilst helping more people locally. The strategy focuses on four different key injury areas: spinal, amputation, birth, and brain injury.

Not only do we work with large national charities in developing and delivering this plan, but the aim is to connect with smaller local charities, including support groups and hospitals.

Using spinal injury as an example, nationally we help support the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA), and we’re delighted to report that Fletchers have joined the SIA as a Trusted Legal Partner. Working together to provide a holistic range of support and services for spinal cord injured people.

Our Communities

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