Road Traffic Accident

34-year old traffic warden receives £27,500 following motorcycle collision

October 5, 2022
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Written by Julia Eyton, Partner & CILEX | Serious Injury Law

The Incident

Our client had been travelling by motorcycle along Tower Bridge Road in London when another vehicle emerged from a side road, failing to stop at the give way sign, into the Claimant’s left without stopping causing a collision. The Defendant hit the Claimant’s left ankle causing our client to fall off his motorcycle.


Our client knew the safety position, kept his head high but was unable to drag himself to the pavement due to loss of feeling in his legs.


Our client was taken to hospital in an ambulance, where an x-ray confirmed that he had suffered from a closed ankle fracture and lacerations. He underwent surgical fixation of the fracture the week following the accident. He attended physiotherapy sessions and used crutches for assistance.

The case

Following the incident, we were approached by the client for representation, with Chartered Legal Executive, Katie Rutter taking on the case. Katie was supported by Assistant Litigation Executive, Rebecca Carroll.


The case outcome

Our client was able to return to work during February 2021 on lighter duties for 2 months before returning to his pre-accident role as a traffic warden. The fracture healed but he has been left with degeneration which will progress leaving him with increased pain and stiffness.

The claimant is still left with unbearable pain in his ankle and is unable to return to his pre-accident hobbies of running and playing football.


Katie Rutter commented on the case. She said:


“We negotiated an increased settlement figure purely because the initial settlement offer was too low based on my client’s injuries. His ankle injury was quite significant and there will be long term implications and deterioration as a result, so the increased figure accounted for that. After receiving the initial offer and discussing it with my client I called the third-party insurers to discuss and managed to negotiate the increase”.


She added:


“I’m pleased to have been able to bring the claim to a satisfactory conclusion for my client after negotiating an increased settlement figure for him which will enable him to go ahead with treatment recommendations made in the future and manage his injuries in the long term.”


In conclusion, the client added:

“Great help from the beginning. I would recommend their services to anyone”.


“Katie did a wonderful job, I’m happy with the settlement”.


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