Road Traffic Accident

47-year-old Warehouseman Receives £35,000 Following Collision

November 3, 2022
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Written by Julia Eyton, Partner & CILEX | Serious Injury Law

The Incident

In November 2019, our client was travelling to work on the A256 at 06:30am. Travelling in the other direction, the defendant attempted to overtake a large vehicle. This resulted in a collision with our client, from which he suffered multiple injuries.

As a result of the collision our client suffered the following injuries:


  • A fractured and dislocated right elbow
  • Fractured 5th right metatarsal
  • Fractured right middle finger
  • Post traumatic stress disorder following collision


The Case

After the collision, our client sought legal support for his claim, Fletchers’ Legal Executive Katie Rutter took the case.


The Aftermath

As a result of the injuries our client sustained in the collision, multiple surgeries were required. This meant that he was unable to return to his warehouse job for over a year. He was eventually able to return to his role he was working in prior to the collision.

At the time of the settlement being agreed, Medico legal evidence was not final. Therefore, at present it is unknown whether our client will be recommended further treatment and/or rehabilitation to support his recovery from the injuries he suffered.

Our client’s home life was also affected following the collision. This meant that he was dependant on close friends to carry out chores in and around the house as well as rely on them for general support.


The Case Outcome


Our legal team battled to secure what they believed to be a fair settlement of £35,000 for our client. This settlement will enable our client to put the collision behind him and look forward to the future. It also offers him financial security following the losses he faced after the incident.

After the settlement was agreed Katie Rutter stated: ‘I am really pleased to have been able to help my client reach the settlement of his claim. I hope he is now able to move on from the accident and try to put is behind him as he is keen to move on with his life, despite his injuries.’

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