Road Traffic Accident

Road traffic accident results in motorcyclist receiving £70,000 settlement

November 3, 2022
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A motorcyclist has received an out of court settlement for £70,000 after colliding with another vehicle and sustaining a string of serious physical injuries as well as significant psychological harm.

The 50-year-old from Nottingham sustained injuries that included a cervical spine sprain, a fractured right shoulder with secondary arthritis which will requires steroid injections and subsequently a shoulder replacement, a soft tissue contusion to the right chest wall, a soft tissue contusion to the right lower leg and psychological injury.

Paul Allonby, Serious Injury Legal Executive for Fletchers Solicitors represented the claimant and acknowledges that his client went through a terrible ordeal but the settlement monies he has since received should go some way to repairing the damage that the accident left.

The Road Traffic Accident happened on 17th July 2016 when the Claimant (C) was riding his motorcycle along an A road in Saleby When the Defendant (D) collided with the rear of his vehicle.

After C sustained his injuries, he contacted Fletchers Solicitors for legal representation and brought an action against D alleging that his driving was negligent.

After Fletchers took on C’s case, liability was admitted in full.

In the wake of the accident, C received treatment at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham where he underwent an open reduction and internal fixation to the right humerus and later required removal of the metalwork.

C continued to suffer from intermittent sharp pain in the shoulder and a tightness and a ‘Vulcan pinching’ in his shoulder/neck and struggled when reaching.

C had developed early arthritis and it was foreseeable that C would initially require injections of steroid and local anaesthetic and would subsequently require a shoulder replacement.

C was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder and received CBT treatment under the Rehabilitation Code.

C was employed as a pest controller and whilst he was able to return to employment,
however C continued to have difficulties with above shoulder activity and was
deemed disadvantaged on the open labour market.

Following the shoulder replacement, C was advised he would not be able to conduct any heavy work in the future.

Paul said: “Our Client has been through a very difficult time and I hope that the damages he has received will help him move on from this ordeal. I hope him all the best for the future’”

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