Road Traffic Accident

Cheshire motorcyclist receives £40,000 settlement after road traffic accident

January 1, 1970

The Incident

On 12th October 2018, Nineteen-year-old Josh Cheetham was thrown from his motorcycle on his journey to see his partner. Whilst filtering past single file, slow-moving traffic on the Meremoss roundabout in Cheshire, another vehicle pulled out to perform a U-turn. Despite slamming his horn on, Josh, along with his motorcycle were thrown over the bonnet of Dacia Sandero.

Within 45 minutes the paramedics arrived. Initially, it was suspected Josh might have a broken pelvis and would need to be airlifted to the nearest hospital, but thankfully this wasn’t the case. Because there were no signs of internal bleeding, the paramedics rushed Josh to Leighton Hospital, Cheshire. Along the way he received three doses of morphine due to the severe pain.

The Resulting Injuries

Josh was taken for an x-ray which confirmed he had suffered a badly broken left leg, a Transverse Mid-Shaft Femur Fracture. He was given a nerve block, and his left leg was manipulated in order to fit the metal frame cast.

On day two, Josh underwent a Left Antegrade Femoral Nail procedure under general anaesthetic. This was to straighten the leg and make sure there was no lasting discomfort.

Josh recalls: “I remember there was no bruising, no cuts or damage anywhere else but my left leg. The paramedics made it very clear how lucky I was.”

On the 15th October 2018, Josh was discharged and allowed home. He received a pair of crutches and a prescription of codeine and co-codamol.

Initially, it was intended for Josh to sleep downstairs; however, Josh’s mum already had a stair lift installed for her own mother, so Josh used this to navigate the stairs.

The Case

Shortly after leaving Leighton Hospital, Josh contacted Fletchers Solicitors for legal representation.

“Anybody who knows me, knows I love a good lawsuit. The difference this time was that my life and future was in the balance. This wasn’t someone else’s life and I wasn’t prepared to let the other driver involved get away with the damage that had been brought to me.”

After a quick conversation with Gavin Marsh in Fletchers’ Serious Injury department, Josh felt Fletchers were the right law firm to represent his case.

Serious Injury Solicitor, Gavin Marsh took representation of Josh’s case.

“I was 19, but I felt 90.”
– Josh Cheetham

Josh told us:

“I was 19, but I felt 90. Funnily enough, once I regained some strength and confidence, I found it easier to go up and down the stairs myself than sit on the stair lift.”

During the first few weeks, Josh did not see much improvement and he was living with a great deal of pain. His pain levels were that extreme he would lie awake at night.

It was only after three weeks Josh started to require less pain relief and by the five-week mark, things started to change. Josh noticed he was able to put more weight on his injured leg, walk further with crutches and walk more without them.

Almost a year on, July 2019, Josh was then able to walk with one crutch.

Despite the big step forward, he felt that his left leg was considerably weaker than his right, so he began attending physiotherapy to strengthen his weaker left leg.

The Aftermath

There were many uncertain months following the road traffic accident. Josh not only experienced an awful lot of physical pain, the mental trauma weighed him down, also. There were occasions he feared ever travelling again and sought help from his local GP for anxiety and depression.

However, Josh wasn’t deterred for long and he is not only back on the road and riding a new motorcycle, he intends to use the accident as a reason for positive change in his life.

Josh explains:

“Most of all, I want to study to become a paramedic in the future. I am going to study and retrain to become a paramedic, all as a result of my accident.

I have been inspired and the amazing paramedics who helped me, and I now want to be able to help others.”

The Outcome

In conclusion to Josh’s serious injury case, liability was settled at 50/50 and he received £40,000.

Josh has been able to keep his job as a Sales Assistant with O2 and has used the settlement to relocate to Nottingham and move in with his partner.

Speaking in reflection of the case, Josh said:

“Fletchers have been brilliant. I would like to take the opportunity in thanking both yourself and Sam for all the hard work and the amazing amount of effort you have put into my case. This money may not be a lot to some people, but it’s given me a new lease of life. I’m able to get back on track financially and return to my “normal” self. Thank you again for everything.”

Gavin Marsh is a solicitor within Fletchers Serious Injury’s Personal Injury department, specialists in serious personal injuries for over 30 years.

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