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Motorcyclist suffers serious injuries in Central London bike crash

November 3, 2022
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Written by Caroline Morris, Director | Serious Injury Law

A motorcyclist sustained serious injuries when a car pulled out across his path in central London, throwing him from his bike.

The 30 year old was rushed to hospital with a clot on his brain, fractures to his spine, a rib fracture and injuries to his shoulder following the accident in Lambeth.

The graphic designer was on his way to work following his usual route when a car attempted to make a right turn across his path.

He has no memory of the accident which happened in December 2017. The driver of the car was charged with driving without due care and attention.

He was taken to St Thomas’ Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. It was a very concerning time as he suffered damage to his right optic nerve resulting in double vision, which could have had a huge impact on his career.

He had to have corrective surgery for the double vision and peripheral vision but fortunately, after a year his double vision had gone. A longer lasting impact was that during that time, he developed pain with his neck and back due to the way his posture had changed to accommodate his eyesight problems.

He had to have physiotherapy to alleviate the pain with his back and neck.

He said: “Having double vision was particularly challenging. Because of the double vision, I developed problems with my neck and back because of the way I was sitting and moving my head to be able to see. If I looked over things, I could see much better but this really affected my back and neck.”

He was put in touch with Fletchers Solicitors and Sam Ennis, a litigation executive, pursued the claim on his behalf. He was awarded £41,633 in compensation for the injuries he sustained.

He said: “Sam was very good and very accommodating. He explained things clearly to me at all stages.

“He updated me periodically and although it was a long process, it was nothing to do with Sam. He kept me updated regularly and I was really pleased with the service.”

Sam Ennis said: “It was great to see the progress that my client made throughout the life of his case following the severe injuries he sustained.

“In particular, the resolution of his double vision following surgery, which meant he was able to continue in his career as a graphic designer. I was pleased to assist him in recovering an award for compensation that he was happy with.”  

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