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Road Traffic Accident

Husband no longer able to care for wife, following serious road traffic collision

February 20, 2024

The incident  

Our client was riding his motorcycle along a busy road and the Defendant was travelling in the opposite direction. Our client passed through the set of traffic lights at a junction, and as he did so, the Defendant attempted to turn right across our client’s path and caused a collision.  

As a result of the accident our client sustained the following serious injuries:  

  • Complex right acetabular fracture 
  • Bilateral fracture to superior inferior bilateral pubic ramus  
  • Fracture/dislocation closed fracture of right tibia and fibula   
  • Fracture dislocation closed fracture of right radius and ulna  
  • Fracture to left distal clavicle  
  • Fracture to proximal head of left humerus   
  • Complex left scapula fracture   
  • Fracture of 12th posterior rib  
  • Fracture of left sided 10th, 11th and 12th ribs  
  • Scrotal haematoma  
  • Soft tissue injuries  

 Our client underwent multiple operations in hospital immediately following this collision. Following this, the injury to our client’s hip required him to undergo a hip replacement surgery within 12 months of the road traffic collision. Once the client was discharged from hospital, he underwent a long period of rehabilitation which included physiotherapy to help strengthen his injuries. 

The case 

Liability was vigorously contested from the start of this case, right through to its conclusion. The evidence we obtained however, by way of accident reconstruction reports and CCTV analysis to argue our client’s version of events, clearly showed that the Defendant turned across the path of our client, at a time when he was clearly in the Defendant’s line of sight, something which was denied by the Defendant. This evidence, and thorough investigations ultimately helped us get the right result for our client. 

The aftermath  

Following the accident and subsequent surgeries, our client constantly suffered issues with his hip. Despite the extensive treatment which our client has already undergone, it is known that his hip will continue to require medical treatment, including a further revision of the hip replacement, which he has been advised to seek as a matter of urgency. Sadly our client  is looking at further operations in the near future, as well as significant recovery periods.     

At the time of the accident, our client was the primary carer for his wife, who suffers with serious debilitating medical conditions herself. He has cared for her for over 20 years.   

The client was therefore hindered in caring for his wife, due to his own significant injuries, which left his wife having to seek help from their children, and from friends.  

As a result of the accident, our client has also decided not to ride his motorbike again – something which he previously enjoyed very much.  

The case outcome 

The claim settled for £135,000. The compensation award covered compensation for our clients’ injuries, property damage, future surgery and future care for his wife.  

Reflecting on the claim, Associate Personal Injury Solicitor and Team Leader, Neil Downey, said:  

“This was a difficult and complex case, where both liability and quantum were in dispute throughout. The client had suffered multiple severe injuries, for which he has already undergone several surgical treatments, and will require further surgery and treatments in the years to come. The client was the primary care provider for his wife, and due to the unfortunate consequences of this collision, there has been a lifelong impact upon our client and his family.” 

Following on from this, our client said: ”Given the circumstances of the case, I got the best outcome possible. The advice throughout the case was clear and I was able to understand the process easily. I am really happy with the outcome.”