Road Traffic Accident

Man receives £95K for injuries suffered on his way home from work

June 6, 2024
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The incident 


Our client was riding his motorbike home from work, filtering through stationary traffic. In the meantime, a driver in the queue decided to perform a U-turn without indicating, which resulted in them colliding with our client. 


Injuries sustained 


Recovery was difficult. Our client had suffered a fracture to his left wrist, which refused to heal. This led to a long and painful journey involving multiple treatments, including steroid injections and surgeries. He had an arthrogram to better view the fracture, a bone marrow transplant from his hip to his wrist, and eventually several keyhole and open surgeries. Despite these efforts, he continued to experience pain, weakness, and limited wrist movement. 


The case 


The client’s claim was soon transferred to Jane Lyons in our Serious Injury Team. The defending party admitted full liability early on, however due to ongoing complications and the approaching three-year limitation period, we issued Part 8 proceedings and requested delays to allow for further treatment. Initially, the claim was valued under £10,000. 


As his injuries persisted, the case moved to our serious injury unit, and we applied to increase the claim value to not exceeding £100,000. 


The outcome 


We received multiple offers, starting at £9,000, which we advised our client to decline. Following our advice, he continued treatment and sought further medical evidence. Ultimately, the case settled for £95,000. 


Our client is now using this money as a deposit for his first home – something which would have been difficult for him prior to settlement. He has met with a mortgage advisor and is excited about getting on the property ladder. 


Reflecting on the case, Jane Lyons said: “The client was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He had a ‘can do’ attitude and was determined to help his own recovery. Despite the multiple setbacks with his injuries and requiring numerous surgeries, he returned to work quickly after each surgery and continued to live his life with various minor adaptations.  


I wish him all the best for the future and hope he gets the dream home he is looking for.”  

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