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Motorcyclist awarded £70,000 after van collision results in midfoot fusion surgery

November 3, 2022
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Fletcher’s Serious Injury Solicitor, Lisa Williams settled a road traffic accident case for £70,000 after a white van collided with her client.


Lisa’s client, Andre, was travelling to work on his motorcycle when he legally overtook the van on Willesden Lane, North London.


Lisa’s case argued the opposing vehicle straddled two lanes and proceeded to turn right. Furthermore, Lisa made it aware that the opposing vehicle’s driver failed to indicate in time to alert other road users of his intentions.Unfortunately, Andre didn’t make it to work.


Due to the opposing vehicle’s callous driving the van struck Andre who came off his motorcycle.


Andre was rushed to St Mary’s Hospital where he received treatment for an open fracture to his right foot.


Doctors decided a midfoot fusion operation would have to be performed. This is a procedure to separate the bones that make up the foot’s arch.


Fortunately, Andre only needed to stay overnight.


Despite this, Andre is required to wear foot orthotics until he undergoes a fusion in the next five years or so.


Andre told Fletchers Solicitors:


My foot is OK now, but I do have issues with my back. Also, at the time, financially the accident was a burden on me and my family.


In representation of Andre, Lisa also faced an uphill battle.


She recalls:


Liability was never formally resolved, and it looked as though we would be looking at a 50/50 split between the parties. However, we were able to secure over 90% of the value of his case in damages and so it was a really good result for the client. In securing the higher settlement figure for Andre, this will allow him sufficient funds to purchase and replace his orthotics on a regular basis until such time that he requires surgery. The funds will also support him during his absence following fusion surgery in order that he does not have to worry about his finances at that time. I hope Andre is now able to put the accident behind him and wish him all the best for the future.


In conclusion to the case, Andre has been positive in his account of Lisa’s work.


He added:


Lisa was good. Any problems I could always get through to her. She was always available and always call back.

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