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Motorcyclist claims £30,000 after arguing vehicle collision was caused by a vehicle travelling on the opposite side of the road

May 8, 2019
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A motorcyclist has claimed £30,000 after successfully arguing a vehicle travelling on the wrong side of the road caused a collision.


In November 2017, our 26-year-old client was travelling down Tickhill Road, Maltby, South Yorkshire, when he collided with a third party vehicle.


However, liability was disputed.


The Defendant counter argued that our client was the one travelling on the wrong side of the road.


As a result, police and witnesses at the scene had to gather evidence in order to investigate liability in full.

After the collision, our client went to Northern General Hospital in Sheffield for treatment.


He suffered a fracture and dislocation of the left shoulder and required surgery to pin and plate the shoulder.


Furthermore, our client requires additional surgery in the near future to remove the metalwork.

Serious Injury Catastrophic Solicitor, Aimee Ratcliffe took representation of the case.


We were presented with a number of disputes in this case and the litigation was becoming stressful for the client. Post settlement, the client feels a huge weight gone. He can now move on with his life.


Prior to the accident, our client had just started working for Amazon.


Due to the injuries he sustained in the collision he then lost his position.


Despite this setback, our client has set his sights on creating a promising future.


He wants to set up his own business and create a new career to support his family going forward.


Thank you to Aimee at Fletchers Solicitors for fighting my case. It has resulted in a life changing amount of money. I am now able to live a better quality of life with my family and I can afford to do things I would have struggled to do before. Although there are challenges ahead, it makes them easier to deal with. I know this was a difficult case, as the other driver would not accept liability. However, justice prevailed and I won my case thanks to Aimee. Thank you again for fighting my case.


In conclusion, Aimee said.


It’s great to hear that he can now focus on returning to employment and getting his life back on track.


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