Road Traffic Accident

Motorcyclist receives £263,678 in serious injury settlement

November 3, 2022
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A 35-year-old motorcyclist believes if it wasn’t for Fletchers Solicitors he would not be in the condition he is today.

After a faultless collision with another vehicle in September 2014, Adrian has experienced a difficult road to recovery.

One evening, travelling home from work, another vehicle cut across Adrian’s path.

As a result, he was knocked clean off his motorcycle.

The incident happened on Blackheath Hill, South East London.

I remember there were two lanes of very busy traffic, with a car in front of me and behind.

Before I knew it, someone had let a Smart Car through that cut across my path.

That’s where the collision happened.

It was clear the driver hadn’t checked first to see if it was safe.

At the time of the accident, Adrian worked as an immigration officer where he would deal with high-risk surveillance operations and raids.

However. within moments of the collision, Adrian’s life was to change forever.

Adrian’s life has changed as a result of his injuries

In the aftermath, Adrian received intensive treatment.

His right wrist required multiple surgeries.

I went from being a police officer to an administerial role with the custody prison service working three days a week.

The career change did little for Adrian’s rehabilitation.

As you can imagine, this was a huge change for me.

I ended up off work for three months with stress-related issues.

As a consequence, I really struggled with my mental health, too.

Although Adrian was experiencing a difficult period, Fletchers Solicitors were there to help rebuild confidence.

It was at this stage Adrian knew that getting the right treatment for his injuries was the key to recovery.

Tom pushed for better, private treatment.

It was then my diagnosis was taken more seriously.

He did a lot of work to make sure I received the very best care and got everything I needed.

In conclusion to the case, Tom Ponsonby from Fletcher’s Serious Injury team fought hard for a settlement of £263,678.

As a result, Adrian believes he has a brighter future ahead.

Tom gave me belief and I am in a better condition today.

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