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Road Traffic Accident

£40,000 settlement for Motorcyclist after vehicle U-Turn collision

Written by Charlotte Mackulin, Partner | Serious Injury Law


November 3, 2022

A Motorcyclist who received £40,000 in a serious injury settlement has gone on record to thank Fletchers Solicitors.

Aaron Kemp from Lancaster is rebuilding his life after experiencing a terrible road-side collision.

The 21-year-old was travelling to work via Barley Cop Lane, Lancaster, when a Ford Focus driver performed an illegal U-turn on the road.

As a result, Aaron faultlessly collided with the vehicle.

Consequently, Aaron sustained a nasty fracture on his right heel (right calcaneum) requiring internal fixation at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

Prominent metalwork also needs to be removed in the near future.

Chartered Legal Executive, Lisa Williams took representation of Aaron’s case.

Aaron sustained a nasty injury which prevented him from working and as a result this left him struggle financially. We went on to secure a liability admission early and I am really pleased with the outcome. The money will allow Aaron to have the surgery needed without worrying about his finances whilst he is away from work and allow Aaron to move forwards with his life.

Aaron is now back on his feet and on the road to recovery.

Moreover, the Defendant accepted liability and Aaron can now enjoy a brighter future.

In conclusion of the case, Aaron told us.

The goal is to complete my recovery with a final surgery. I’m back in work now and starting to build my strength. I can’t fault Lisa’s work. She has supported me since day one and I’m really happy with the outcome.