Road Traffic Accident

Motorcyclist receives £6.5K after collision

December 8, 2021
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The Incident

A motorcyclist was filtering past slow-moving traffic, when another vehicle turned right without indicating, driving directly into the path of our client. Our client tried to move out of the vehicle’s way but was unable to avoid the collision.

The 26-year-old man received the following injuries:

· Injuries to the genital area

· Soft tissue injury to neck

· Soft tissue injury to left ankle

· Soft tissue injury to inner right thigh

· Loss of consciousness and concussion, including headaches, dizziness and low mood

The Case

Shortly after the RTA, the claimant sought legal assistance from Fletchers Solicitors. Solicitor Jane Lyons from our Serious Injury department took on the case, supported by Litigation Executive, Matthew Clark.

The Aftermath

Following the RTA, the Claimant suffered with pain to his neck, along with a scratch to his left ankle and bruising to his thigh.

The Outcome

Our client decided that in order to put the collision behind him, he would accept a ‘pre-med’ offer, that is before medical evidence was sought. The claimant was awarded a settlement amount of £6,500.

Serious Injury Litigation Executive, Jane Lyons commented:

“Pre-med offers are extremely difficult to consider given that I did not know whether there will be any long-term effects in relation to the client’s injuries. Further, the insurers made it clear that they intended to dispute liability.

Fortunately, the client appeared to be making a good recovery from his injuries but was still symptomatic at the time the offer was received. As such, all I could do was to set out the possible awards for a variety of scenarios and explain the consequences of a possible split in liability, before setting out what further information I will require to consider all aspects of his claim.

From all of the information provided, the client decided to accept the offer. I hope he is continuing to make a good recovery and I hope that he is able to put the matter behind him and move on with his life and wish him all the best for the future.”

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