Road Traffic Accident

Motorcyclist receives over £230K following collision    

May 2, 2023
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Written by Caroline Morris, Director | Serious Injury Law

The Incident

In November 2020, our client was riding his motorcycle, heading towards a junction. The Defendant was travelling in the opposite direction in her car, behind two horse riders. The horses turned right into the junction, as the Defendant planned to do. The Defendant turned slowly across the road, and across the path of our client resulting in collision.  

Our client was travelling in excess of the speed limit and was charged with speeding with points on his licence. 

The Defendant was charged for driving without due care and attention but was acquitted at Magistrates Court.  

Following the collision, our client was treated for the following injuries: 

  • Fractures to the pelvis, including open book injury to the pelvis 
  • Bruising to the pelvis surrounding the bladder and prostate 
  • Injury to the spine, including lumbar region and sacrum 
  • Serious fracture of the right wrist  
  • Left hand injury 
  • Injury to the right knee 
  • Broken tooth 
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI), with no lasting symptoms 

The Case

After the collision, our client sought legal support for his claim, with Serious Injury Solicitor, Neil Downey taking on the case. 

We consulted medical experts, who advised that the severity and degenerative nature of the injuries suffered by the client, in particular the pelvic fractures, left the client at risk of degenerative changes of the hip, in need of further treatment including hip replacement in the next 10 to 15 years, and as a result was classed as disabled.  

The injury of the pelvis and knee had also caused damage to the peroneal nerve resulting in foot drop, meaning the client needed orthotic aids.  There was also the potential that our client would need further treatment of the right wrist, in terms of surgery and fusion.  

The client had some issues prior to the accident, including a degenerative spinal issue and injury to the right knee.  

The Defendant’s solicitors obtained their own medical evidence, who took the opinion that all of the client’s issues and injuries were not accident-related and that all ongoing issues would have developed due to previous injury. 

The Case Outcome 

A Joint Settlement Meeting was held to reach a resolution. However, both liability and the settlement amount were disputed. Our legal team fought to achieve the best possible outcome for our client, securing a final settlement figure of £231,029.63.  

The client plans to buy a house using his settlement and to look to return to work, following redundancy.  

On resolution of the case, Solicitor, Neil Downey commented: 

“This was a tricky case, where liability remained in dispute throughout due to the negligent actions of the Defendant and excessive speed of our own client. There were multiple experts instructed, both in relation to liability and quantum which provided a considerable range of opinion in regards of the extent of the injuries suffered by our client, and his prognosis for further recovery given the complicating factors of his previously existing issues.  

“The matter proceeded to a settlement meeting where both parties were able to discuss all of the issues and reach an agreeable settlement which will allow the client to move on from this difficult period of his life.” 




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