Road Traffic Accident

Motorcyclist thanks Fletchers after receiving £90,000 Road Traffic Accident settlement

November 3, 2022
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A motorcyclist has thanked Fletchers Solicitor’s, Michelle Heyes after receiving £90,500 in a serious injury settlement.

29-year-old Mark Floyd was riding his motorcycle along a main road when a Vauxhall Corsa travelling in the opposite direction turned across his path and caused a terrible collision.

Mark suffered a number of serious injuries and was taken to Derriford Hospital.

Firstly, he received treatment for:

  • A segmental fracture of the shaft of the right femur
  • A fracture of the spine, at T7
  • And a fracture of the right knee, known as a distal pole fracture

Secondly, Mark developed a pulmonary embolism which required anticoagulants to prevent the development of blood clots.

At the time of the road traffic accident, Mark wasn’t employed.

However, he had just applied to volunteer at a local care home.

Soon after, Serious Injury Lawyer, Michelle Heyes took representation of Mark’s case.

Michelle’s primary aim was to clear Mark of any wrongdoing and hold those responsible to account.

Michelle also set her sights on compensating Mark for his injuries and for any financial losses.

As the case began, months of hospital appointments and rehabilitation treatment followed.

Before the collision, Mark had just started volunteering at a care home

Although recovery progressed slowly, he began volunteering at the care home 17 months later than originally planned.

Soon after, a paid position as a maintenance assistant then became available.

On reflection of the case outcome, Michelle said:

It was a real pleasure to work with Mark and help him to achieve a great outcome with his claim.

I wish him and his Wife, Leanne all the very best for the future.

Mark told us:

Just a big thank you to Michelle and Kim at Fletchers for handling my case and helping me back on my feet.”

They kept me in the loop from day one. I’m very happy with the support over the last two years and appreciate all the hard work you guys have done.

In conclusion, the Defendant accepted primary liability for the accident.

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