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Comment: E-Scooter injuries widen debate around road safety

November 3, 2022
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Serious Injury Litigation Executive, Ashley Nolan believes the recent E-scooter accidents demonstrate the need for expert legal guidance.

Last weekend, two separate E-scooter collisions saw a 34-year-old woman die and a teenager is currently fighting for his life.

As a result, Transport Minister, Michael Ellis will introduce a blanket E-Scooter ban across London next week.

The impact on victims and their families can be devastating, and the effects wide-reaching.

The priority is to reduce carbon emissions and ensure highways are safe for all modes of transport.

Comment: E-Scooter injuries widen debate around road safety
A blanket ban on E-scooters is coming to London.

YouTuber, Emily ‘Hart’ Hartridge, 35, died after her e-scooter collided with a lorry in Battersea, south-west London.

The following morning, a 14-year-old boy sustained a serious head injury.

His e-scooter crashed into a Beckenham bus stop in South-East London.

Going forward, those who disobey the ban will face a £300 fine and see their vehicle confiscated.

Ashley, who has given six years’ service to Fletchers serious injury department, understands that in the immediate aftermath of a serious injury there are more questions than answers.

In a recent six-figure settlement, I represented a motorcyclist involved in a road-side collision with another car.

The car emerged from a side road and collided with the motorcyclist who sustained devastating and life changing injuries that have impacted on all aspects of his life.

Having worked at Fletchers for a number of years, I have seen first-hand how important it is to stabilise the financial position of serious injury victims.

I work to ensure the settlement package adequately reflects their loss and assists clients in their overall recovery.

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