Road Traffic Accident

Fletchers successfully represent customer in contested trial at the High Court

August 11, 2018
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Fletchers Solicitors recently represented a seriously injured customer at a contested Trial in the High Court.

Liability had been disputed by the Defendant’s representatives from the start of the case. At the Trial the Defendant was found to be 75% responsible for the accident and means that our customer will receive substantial damages.

Caroline Morris, a serious injury lawyer at Fletchers Solicitors handled the case. She said: “I am delighted to have represented our customer on his case. The defendant’s representatives alleged that our customer was 80% responsible for the accident occurring because of the speed at which he was riding.

“Following our extensive enquiries into liability and with the use of expert accident reconstruction evidence, we were able to show that despite the customer travelling above the speed limit, 55-60mph in a 40mph zone, the actions of the defendant were the primary cause of the accident occurring. The defendant had turned right across the path of the customer.

“Despite this evidence, the defendant’s representatives refused to increase their offer and the matter proceeded to Trial. At Trial the Court accepted the customer’s case, found the defendant responsible for the collision and only made a modest finding of contributory negligence of 25% against the customer. The resolution of liability has since meant that we have been able to secure interim funds for our customer and in due course we expect to recover substantial damages on their behalf.”

You can read further details of the case by clicking here: Shevlin Judgment.

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