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Police targeting ‘close pass’ drivers in Scotland

Written by Caroline Morris, Director | Serious Injury Law

Police targeting 'close pass' drivers in ScotlandPolice targeting 'close pass' drivers in ScotlandPolice targeting 'close pass' drivers in Scotland

May 5, 2017

A new police operation targeting drivers passing too close to cyclists has recently launched in parts of Scotland. Operation Close Pass has been implemented to highlight how much space drivers should be giving to cyclists and improve road safety for all users.

The operation uses plain-clothed police officers on bicycles wearing cameras to capture drivers passing too closely. The police hope the scheme will initially educate drivers and encourage more people to take up cycling.

Ged Horton, a solicitor within our Serious Injury department, commented on the new scheme. “In my experience, many of the accidents involving cyclists can be easily avoided if other road users take the necessary precautions. Cyclists are vulnerable road users, and I fully support the campaign to raise awareness for their safety. Every road user owes cyclists a duty of care, which includes passing them at a safe distance. The message is very simple, but can avoid so many unnecessary accidents and ultimately make the road a much safer place for everybody.”

Read more here: https://bit.ly/2q6K8Bf