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Motorcycle Accident Claims

Sam's Story - Amputation following a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Our motorcycle team has been one of the most enduring and well-respected in the industry for over 30 years; with a formidable presence in England and Wales. We are passionate in our representation of vulnerable road users when they have had the misfortune of being involved in an road traffic accident.

With a team of 50 dedicated staff; including solicitors, lawyers and support colleagues, we are here to help our clients through what can be a worrying and unsettling process, with our ultimate aim, of obtaining compensation so our clients can rebuild their lives following an accident.

The types of motorcycle accident cases we represent

We represent a diverse cross section of the general public, but the vast majority of our clients are motorbike riders. Our clients are typically working professionals who use their 2 wheeled vehicles as part of their job; such as couriers and delivery riders, coupled with bikers who ride for pleasure and as a hobby.

We know that not all motorbike accidents are straightforward, and no two accidents are the same. We often face challenges on liability (who is to blame for the accident) but we have the experience and confidence to defend most types of allegations. When riding their motorbikes our clients are far more vulnerable than those people in larger enclosed vehicles and are not always as visible, so when they are unfortunate enough to be in an accident, however minor in nature, they often suffer injury.

Fast and effective legal representation

Our clients ride their motorbikes in cities and towns to get from A to B in the best possible time as they are up against deadlines, and as such we work quickly and effectively to get them back on the road as soon as they are able.

We draw on our many years of experience to guide our clients through the process and we pride ourselves that we provide honest, realistic advice throughout the claims process.

We work with medical experts and rehabilitation providers to assess our clients’ injuries, which can range from cuts and bruises and shock; to fractures, dislocations and recognised psychological disorders that result from the trauma of the accident. We instruct the most appropriate medical professional at the earliest opportunity to ensure our clients are on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Are you eligible to make a motorcycle accident claim?

Bringing a personal injury claim as a result of a non-fault accident not only results in obtaining compensation for your injuries, but also means you benefit from legal assistance relating to other accident related losses. We can ensure your vehicle is inspected quickly and also ask the third-party insurer for an interim payment to get the vehicle repaired or replaced.

We can facilitate treatment to assist with a speedy recovery and can arrange medical investigations into more complex ongoing symptoms. We can also assist you with a claim for any damaged kit, clothing, loss of earnings and gratuitous care.

Our specialist solicitors work hard to negotiate the very best outcome in terms of liability, which will in turn assist you in mitigating your losses. If we cannot resolve the matter of liability, then we will issue Proceedings in the County Court. We have proven track record of successful outcomes at Trial.

Working with a specialist motorcycle accident team

Our motorcycle team specialise in non-fault road traffic accidents where injuries are valued between £1000- £25,000. We specialise in motorcycle claims and have over 30 years’ experience in fighting for compensation for vulnerable road users.

Our teams are designed in a way, that as a claim progresses, the case is moved to the most appropriately experienced team, thus ensuring that your claim receives the best possible attention at all times

One of the biggest specialisms in our motorcycle department, is deciphering liability. Motorcyclists often filter through traffic to get from A-B, and this is a perfectly legal manoeuvre. We often face challenges and split liability offers in cases like this and we will not just accept an offer without thoroughly scrutinising the location and all the circumstances surrounding the accident. We review every accident on a case-by-case basis, and we assess the risk before we give our clients honest advice.

Motorcycle accident team key stats

  • Across our bike department we have 50 team members, spread over 6 teams. Our specialist team members include solicitors, Filex, lawyers and support staff
  • Cases typically take between 3-7 months to settle, depending on recovery time
  • More complex cases involving more serious injuries and multifaceted liability cases can take 3 years or more
  • Specialist solicitors will gather medical evidence on your behalf; this will support the injury claim. In terms of any financial losses, we will need evidence to show items are damaged, evidence to prove losses of earnings
  • If liability is not agreed, we will consult site images of the accident location & CCTV if available; as well as police and witness evidence

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