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With the amount of traffic on Britain’s roads, one of the inevitable byproducts is a rise in accidents. Pedestrians. Four wheels. Two wheels. We’re all at the mercy of some bad decision-making or carelessness on the part of a driver that could change our lives forever.

While serious injury can occur in any accident involving any road user, the most common is coming off a motorbike. When Fletchers Solicitors first started in 1987, we made motorcycle accidents one of our key focus areas, mainly because victims of these accidents were largely unrepresented. Indeed, three of our management team are all keen bikers themselves, notably Rob Fletcher, Alex Kenny and of course Ed Fletcher who knows all there is to know about a motorbike serious injury.

Bikers will frequently find themselves falsely accused of speeding, weaving between traffic and “coming out of nowhere”. It’s this kind of culture that means that many solicitors won’t go near a bike case and why a lot of them don’t have the will, knowledge or experience to tackle one. With a track record of handling serious motorbike injuries that stretches over 25 years, we most certainly do.

In our time, we’ve heard all the arguments, we’ve seen all the prejudices and we know how to counter all of those to get you the best result. We know that when a lot of people hear a loud bike exhaust they automatically assume that the bike’s going too fast. We know that a lot of bikes are restricted and actually aren’t capable of the speeds alleged. We know that filtering is not illegal and is very much part of riding a bike. We know that there’s no such thing as “nowhere” as far as bikers are concerned. And we know there is such a thing as “not looking properly” as far as some car drivers are concerned.

Today, the Fletchers Road Traffic Accident team deals with roughly a third of all non-fault bike claims here in the UK. That’s a big statistic for one company, and one that we’re justifiably very proud of. But then there aren’t that many other solicitors firms out there that can offer the same level of experience and expertise when dealing with this complicated area of Road Traffic Law. Our team know the drill: how to obtain all the necessary evidence to get an admission of fault from the insurance company; how to arrange medical appointments for your personal injury claim; and how to arrange inspection of vehicles, speak to witnesses and the police. Indeed, everything that will help bring your claim to the best possible conclusion.

And because we continually deal with insurance companies that can be a bit loath to accept responsibility, our team has a specialist group of claims handlers who like nothing better than to have their day in court, where they’ll push – and they’ll push HARD – for an admission of guilt and a bigger offer of compensation. These guys really know the ropes too, so they’ll be able to explain everything to you in as clear a way as possible. Whether it’s a motorbike, car or pedestrian case, you will get the same attention to detail and the same high standard of service.

The team has won several landmark cases on behalf of the biker, cases which have since paved the way for bikers’ rights. In the case of Beasley v Alexander (2012) and Donaldson v Wilson (2004), we had to go to court (and then on to the court of appeal for Donaldson) to get the absolute best result for our customer. But just as importantly, these cases went on to become widely reported throughout the industry as setting in place a change in the law which improved bikers’ rights as legitimate road users.

However your injuries come about on the road – whether you’re a biker, driver or pedestrian – you can be sure that we’ll give your claim our full attention and that we’ll bring all our expertise to bear to make sure we get you best compensation possible.

Have you been involved in a Road Traffic Accident? Then you’ll want to talk to someone who knows all the ins and outs of this complicated legal field. Please give us a call on 03300 080 321 or fill out a form here.

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Adrian Denson

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Adrian joined us in December 2011 as Head of Serious Injury, leading the department through a period of significant growth, whilst working with customers following catastrophic and life changing events. In spring 2017, Adrian was appointed our Chief Legal Officer and oversees all of our legal teams, ensuring our customers are always at the heart of everything we do.

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