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Compensation secured to cover future dental treatment following a cycling accident

September 18, 2023
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Written by Julia Eyton, Partner & CILEX | Serious Injury Law

The Incident  

Our client was a cyclist travelling home from work, when the Defendant turned across the path to turn into a side road; and in doing so, knocked our client off his bike.  

As a result of the accident, the Claimant suffered the following injuries:  

  • Minor head injury with headaches and post concussive symptoms 
  • Facial injuries, including bruising across his face and laceration to his upper lip;  
  • Dental injuries including the upper front teeth suffering dislocation/subluxation injury; with his upper right central incisor and upper left central incisor suffering extrusion; an uncomplicated crown fracture, causing displacement and altering his bite 
  • Soft tissue injuries to his neck, ribs, knee, elbow, and right ankle 
  • Psychological injury, with him experiencing some symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 

Following a period of investigation by the Defendant, liability was admitted in full. 


The case   

Our client suffered trauma to his mouth and four teeth. He sustained a deep laceration to his lip, and following the accident noticed that his teeth were out of line. He also had discoloration to his upper right front tooth. Upon a review by a dentist, it was noted that he had inflammatory bone lesions around his upper teeth and underwent root canal treatment.  


Even following treatment, our client’s upper right tooth remains sensitive, and he believes his bite has been altered. Due to the trauma, our client is likely to need substantial future dental work, which won’t all be covered by the NHS. Therefore, it was important that we obtained compensation for his future dental work.  


The aftermath

Our client suffered with the psychological impact of the accident. He experienced travel anxiety, loss of confidence and flashbacks. Fortunately, we were able to arrange Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to aid his recovery.  


The case outcome

Following negotiations with the Defendant, the claim settled for £75,000. Fortunately, we were able to secure and arrange rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy and trauma based psychological treatment, to help our client with his recovery.  

The settlement also included compensation for our client’s injury, care, and assistance; as well as past and future dental treatment.  

Associate Solicitor, Chris Harrold, said; 

“It was a pleasure to assist our client, who was naturally concerned about the cost of future dental treatment, that he will need due to his injuries. The settlement secured for him will provide him with the reassurance that he will be able to access treatment in the future.”   

Our client said;  

“My case handler, Chris Harrold, has really been fantastic. Chris has been thoroughly helpful, responsive, and patient throughout the process from beginning to end. Chris was always happy to take the time to explain everything in detail and really gave me confidence that my claim was being handled by a top rate professional. Chris was very responsive to my questions and always got back to me when I needed to discuss anything. My claim took two years to resolve and at every step of the way, Chris would be proactive in chasing third parties and always kept me up to date on what was going. As a result of my experience, I would definitely recommend Fletchers and have done so already.” 

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