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Successful personal injury claims for Cycling UK members

August 24, 2023
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Cycle SOS, part of Fletchers Group is the legal partner for Cycling UK. This means that if you are a Cycling UK member, we are here to support with legal advice and consultation if you suffer a personal injury when out on your bike. 

Cycling UK appointed Cycle SOS in 2022, to give legal advice and representation to their 70,000 members. If members suffer a cycle related incident, the team at Cycling UK felt our offering would be the best and most specialist service available. As well as being  cycling accident experts, we offer Cycling UK members exclusive benefits that other cyclists would not enjoy; such as a commitment to never deduct any legal costs from your compensation at the end of the case.  

As part of this relationship, members of Cycling UK are represented by the legal team at Fletchers, the solicitors behind Cycle SOS, when they have a valid legal claim to pursue. We have already helped a number of Cycling UK members, and you can read their success stories below. 


Cycling accident case studies 

Cycling UK Member receives £2,876.91 in compensation following collision 

In February 2023 our client, who was a keen cyclist, was riding his bicycle on the road when someone in a car attempted to overtake him. This was not a safe manoeuvre and unfortunately whilst doing this they collided with our client. This resulted in our client sustaining injuries and having to seek medical treatment. 

The injuries included:  

  • Cuts to his right elbow, right knee and right hip  
  • Pain and stiffness to the right thigh and lower back 

In addition to the physical injuries, our client had damage to his bike and clothing. Our client’s employers were also very understanding, and he was paid in full for his time off. However, as part of the claim, we included loss of earnings for his employer, which were paid out. We were able to negotiate with the defendant’s insurers, liability was admitted, and our client received almost £3,000 in damages. This was all settled within months. 

Our client was very happy with the result and the service which they received, commenting:  

‘I would like to thank you for the excellent support you have given me.  Being involved in a traffic accident is not a pleasant thing to deal with.  Your help to resolve the matter is very much appreciated.’ 

We also received thanks from our client’s employer, as we were able to recover their losses in full.  


Cycling UK member receives £4,806.35 after being knocked off their bike 

In January 2023 our client was cycling on the road when a car, who was turning right but cut into the path of our client, collided and knocked them off their bike. 

As a result of the incident, they suffered several injuries such as: 

  • A fracture of their finger 
  • Several cuts and bruises.  

Whilst we were obtaining medical evidence, we also highlighted the damages to our client’s possessions, including their bike and helmet. Because of this, we were able to obtain an interim payment, which is paid before the successful completion of the case. This was paid to help our client manage any out-of-pocket expenses during the course of the case, and we went on to successfully complete the claim with final settlement of just under £5,000. 

Our client was delighted with the outcome, stating:  

‘May I take this opportunity to thank you for the work that you have done on my behalf. I was expecting only to be recompensed for damage to my bicycle, so I am very grateful for the recognition of my injuries.’ 


Client receives a 5-figure settlement after cycling accident on a roundabout 

In February 2023 our client was on his bicycle, crossing a roundabout when they were hit on their left side by a car entering the roundabout. 

It was agreed from the start that the person who had hit our client was at fault.  Initially our client tried negotiating directly with the insurance companies to cover the cost of their bike and clothing damage. Our client was trying to get a fair settlement, but they were unable to. When they were unable to reach a fair settlement, they contacted Cycle-SOS to see if one of our specialist cycling accident claims lawyers would be able to help. Having assessed the case, we agreed to support the claim. 

Our client sustained soft tissue injuries down his entire left side, but particularly his left ankle, wrist and hands. Fortunately, they were wearing a helmet as they landed heavily on their head. The hospital advised that they had concussion and experienced headaches and memory issues that lasted about two weeks. Not only that, they also had a cut on their face which needed to be glued and looked likely to scar. 

As there had been a head injury, we issued what is called a ‘Letter of claim’, due to the fact the true nature of the injury may not become clear for a while.  We were then offered a settlement from the insurance company. Although the client may have accepted this, as part of our negotiations and using our extensive experience dealing with these types of claims, we felt that the settlement offered was lower than it should have been. 

We went back to the other side and eventually settled on a figure which we agreed was fair for our client; which was in excess of £4,000 above the initial figure.  

Our client was extremely pleased with their 5-figure settlement figure and how we were able to help complete their claim quicker than anticipated. 


Cycling accident legal advice 

With more than 30 years supporting vulnerable road users, we’re well-equipped to help you on your way. If you have suffered an accident whilst out on your bike, our experts are here to help. Contact our cycling accident claims specialists today to start your claim. And if you are a Cycling UK member, contact the Incident Line to start your claim.

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