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Cate Taylor-Robinson

Serious Injury Solicitor

Cate is a solicitor within our serious injury team, with over 20 years’ legal experience. She works closely on some of our highest value cases, typically those with a value in excess of £1 million. Having previously worked at defendant law firms in the past, Cate offers valuable insight and knowledge to her clients about how defendants and insurance companies look at claims.


Cate has extensive experience working on accidents at work, accidents in public and significant road traffic accident claims. She has represented clients that have sustained catastrophic injuries; such as significant traumatic brain injuries, amputations, paraplegia, tetraplegia and severe fractures. 

She is a team player, and works alongside her colleagues to give clients the best support possible –  through what is often the worst time in their lives. Her team has been nominated for numerous personal injury awards, and Cate takes great satisfaction from seeing the difference that herself and her colleagues’ involvement can make in a client’s life.  The impact of the work that she does is tangible and hugely rewarding for her. 

Client Feedback

“Thank you for your patience throughout the case and well needed persistence. ”

Notable Settled Cases


Road traffic accident in a Motor’s Insurance Bureau (MIB) untraced case. Primary liability was admitted, but the client’s speed was a potential issue. The client suffered a serious brachial plexus injury, together with a head injury. The client was single without family support, and was discharged from hospital without somewhere to stay. He struggled significantly with depression and low mood following the accident. Cate spoke to the client at least once a week or more, and the case was eventually settled for £3,350,000. Cate was relieved that the money would help the client to move forward with his life, and build a good standard of living for himself and his son.


A road traffic accident involving a single lady living alone who was knocked off her bike. Liability was never admitted, and Counsel’s advice was that the claim would not be successful. The client was a walking tetraplegic who had made an extremely good recovery, but had weakness in her legs together with ongoing pain.  She was however still able to walk and remained independent. Cate secured a settlement of £400,000.