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Dale Bickerstaffe

Serious Injury Solicitor

Dale has been a Solicitor for over seven years and currently works in our serious injury team. In his role, he works alongside his team to liaise on a daily basis with clients, counsel and medical experts to drive cases towards a settlement.


Dale has been working in the field of serious injury for over 12 years, having joined Fletchers in 2011 as part of our multi-track team, and he has a particular interest in brain injury claims. He enjoys applying his skills and knowledge to multifaceted legal issues and undertaking advocacy when necessary, such as drafting complex schedules. In addition to this, he is passionate about providing help and support to his clients who have sustained serious injuries and are coping with the aftermath of unfortunate events.  

Dale is a successful negotiator by nature and enjoys navigating the tactical side of the litigation process. Since becoming a Solicitor, amongst his other cases, Dale has directly been involved in securing settlements worth over £1m on two separate occasions. His strong work ethic and drive to help people saw him win the Fletchers Trust award in 2019.  

Notable Settled Cases

Rawlings v Chambers:

The claimant was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered a moderate-severe brain injury, which left him with an unfortunate mixture of cognitive and neurobehavioral difficulties. He had substantial support through case management, which assisted him through his rehabilitation. He did remarkably well to return to work in his pre-accident occupation as a labourer/forklift truck driver. His claim settled at a joint settlement meeting for £250,000, which included some reduction for contributory negligence.

Aspinall v Posh (Burnley) Ltd:

In this case, the claimant was injured in a road traffic accident, sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury, which left him with significant sequelae. The severity of his damage required a craniectomy to decompress the brain. Amongst his symptoms, the claimant suffered with enduring fatigue. The claimant was a young man and there was a lasting impact to his employment capability. The claim settled at a joint settlement meeting for £1,100,000.

Farleigh v Loi:

The claimant sustained a traumatic leg fracture as a result of a motorcycle accident. The claimant worked as a delivery driver for Fedex at the time of the accident. His injuries meant that he could not return to this line of work and his employment prospects were vastly diminished. His claim settled for £425,000, which included a significant amount of compensation for future earnings, providing the claimant with financial security in the long term.


  • Bachelor of Law with Criminology Degree
  • Qualified Solicitor
  • Previous Fellow of CILEX