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Dawn Bowdler

Partner & Head of Compliance

Dawn is our Director of Compliance, playing a critical role in ensuring the firm adheres to regulatory standards and legal requirements. With 26 years in law, 23 years as a solicitor, including 15 years at Fletchers, Dawn’s focus on compliance began 12 years ago with the implementation of the Outcomes Focused Regulations.


Her areas of expertise include data protection, SRA code compliance, and risk management. Dawn’s responsibilities encompass overseeing strategic decisions, evaluating current cases, and liaising with regulators such as the SRA, ICO, and FCA. She conducts horizon scanning to anticipate changes that may impact the firm and reviews risks across all aspects of the business, including money laundering risks. Additionally, Dawn provides support to the COLP and COFA in their roles. 

Dawn finds satisfaction in the dynamic nature of her work, which presents new challenges daily. She enjoys the intellectual stimulation of questioning how changes or situations may affect the firm and collaborating with colleagues to find effective solutions. Recognising that compliance is not black and white, Dawn fosters open discussion among team members to reach consensus on compliance matters, ensuring that decisions are well-documented and stored. 

Throughout her career, Dawn takes pride in her continuous growth and the opportunities to learn from colleagues and industry changes. She remains committed to upholding the integrity and reputation of Fletchers through her dedication to excellence in compliance. Dawn’s leadership and expertise play a vital role in ensuring the firm’s continued success and compliance with regulatory standards. 


  • Bachelor of Law Degree
  • Legal Practice Course

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