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Lena Farnell

Associate & Legal Change Manager

Lena Farnell is currently serving as a Legal Change Manager, where she works alongside developers to leverage her legal expertise for bringing about changes that ensure the business operates as efficiently as possible, while maintaining client satisfaction as a top priority.


Lena has been with Fletchers for 27 years, with 25 of those years dedicated to specialising in personal injury, particularly focusing on motorcycle claims. Nine years ago, she transitioned into a team leader role, successfully managing a technical motorcycle claims team. Following the acquisition of Cycle SOS two years ago, she embraced the opportunity to manage the new cycle team. Recently, Lena has taken a secondment into Legal Ops and Strategy to broaden her knowledge of the business. 

While two-wheel claims remain her primary area of expertise and interest, Lena has also developed a keen interest in business acquisition and strategic change management. She is passionate about staying ahead of competitors and ensuring the business is well-prepared for future challenges. 

Lena derives great satisfaction from helping people who have been victims of accidents, recognising the traumatic impact such events can have on their lives. She is particularly proud of the strong relationships she has built with her teams over the years and their impressive performance against targets. 

Notable Settled Cases


The client was run over by a car whilst crossing a road, as a result she suffered a broken leg. The police report came in and the defendants denied liability on the back of the officers comments that the client was on her phone not paying attention. On review there was no evidence of where this information was obtained by the officer and the client denied being on her phone until after the accident when she called family to say she had been in an accident. After some bouncing correspondence with the Police and questioning they eventually apologised and extracted the officers comments – this resulted in a 100% settlement for the client.

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