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Nicola Kenyon

Personal Injury Solicitor & Team Leader

Nicola is an experienced Solicitor and Team Leader in our Personal Injury team. She has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience working on employers’  and public liability cases and is dedicated to advocating for her clients and achieving the best possible outcomes for their cases. She completed her degree at Liverpool John Moore’s University and qualified as a solicitor in 2012.


Throughout her career, Nicola has remained passionate about employers’ and public liability cases, though has also handled some road traffic accident cases too. She finds great satisfaction in helping her clients navigate their legal challenges and securing favourable results on their behalf. 

Beyond her casework, as a team leader, Nicola is deeply committed to supporting and mentoring her colleagues, empowering them to reach their full potential and achieve their professional goals. Her dedication to team leadership reflects her belief in fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. 

Notable Settled Cases


The client sustained an accident at the bakery she worked in when she was told to clean a machine that she had never been trained to do before, being told that it was ‘self-explanatory.’ Whilst she was cleaning it with her hands deep within the rollers of the machine, another employee hit a start button on the machine and subsequently sucked in the client's hand, causing her to sustain a partial ring finger and middle finger amputation to the tips as she frantically tried to pull her hand out. The client had a 6-month-old baby at the time and could not bathe, lift or carry him after the accident. She also struggled with household chores for a few months after. Nicola successfully settled the case three days prior to the trial.