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Motorcycle Team

Joanne Milford

Head of Motorcycle

Lena Farnell

Team Leader

Lena is a Team Leader in our Motorcycle department and has been with Fletchers for 24 years. She has grown up around bikes, having come from what she describes as a ‘biker family; and therefore understands the typical thought processes and habits of a serious motorcyclist. Lena sadly lost a family member in a motorcycle accident, and also witnessed first-hand the extensive injuries her brother sustained in a road traffic accident. These experiences have really helped Lena to develop a personal approach, and she is empathetic towards the unique experiences of each of our customers. Having worked her way through the ranks here at Fletchers, Lena prides herself on her problem solving skills and her efficient way of working. She enjoys securing a good result for her customers, particularly on complex cases which require genuine attention to detail.

Team Members

Dianne Holderness

Team Leader

Diane is a Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Team Leader within our Motorcycle department. She has 10 years’ experience managing road traffic accident claims, and 5 years’ experience managing MOJ claims. Diane always strives for the very best results for her customers; something that is clear in the way her team continually adapts its strategies in order to secure the most desired outcome. Diane has worked her way through the legal ranks here at Fletchers, and is proud to now have a strong, specialist team that is committed to customer satisfaction. Diane believes that happy customers make a happy working environment, and it is this that ensures a productive and efficient workforce.

Jayne Orme

Team Leader

Jayne has been with Fletchers for more than 15 years and specialises in motorcycle accident claims. She is a Grade A qualified solicitor and also holds a LLB (Hons) LPC degree. During her time with the firm, Jayne has worked her way through the ranks; starting her career as a Junior Litigation Executive and moving through various road traffic accident teams – before leading her own in the Motorcycle department. She is passionate about her customers, and explains that she always feels a genuine sense of pride when she settles a case and secures a good outcome for them. Jayne enjoys working with her team mates, and feels that this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of her role.

Anna Malloy

Team Leader

Anna has 12 years’ experience in the industry, 7 of which have been here at Fletchers. She has handled various road traffic accident cases during this time, including personal injury and credit hire claims; with a particular specialism in motorcycle accident cases. Anna thrives on the family atmosphere in the department, which she believes has developed thanks to the genuine customer-centric values each team member holds. She and her team mates not only care about our customers, but about each other too.