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Medical Negligence

66-year-old woman receives £15,000 from Cambridge Hospital following negligent treatment to her right ankle

Written by Peter Rigby, Director of Medical Negligence


November 3, 2022

A woman has received £15,000 from a Cambridge Hospital following negligent treatment to her right ankle after a fall.

After falling and damaging her right ankle in June 2014, the 66 year-old Claimant, who wishes to remain anonymous, has accepted the settlement monies from Cambridge Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust after multiple trips between her GP and hospital because of recurring pain.

Fletchers Solicitors Medical Negligence Chartered Legal Executive, Hannah Andersen, who acted on Mrs T’s behalf believes the case shows the importance of speaking out about prolonged and uncomfortable post-surgery pain.

She said: “This case demonstrates the importance of acting swiftly when patients display clear signs of infection. Had this been done, the Claimant would have avoided 4 years of pain and numerous GP and hospital attendances. I hope the settlement helps the Claimant in recovering from her recent surgery and enables her to concentrate on her future.”

On 25 June 2014, Mrs T fell and injured her right ankle leading her to undergo an open reduction and internal fixation at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

On 14 July 2014, it was noted by Mrs T’s GP that she had an infection and that the
wound had started to break down.

Over the following months, the wound began to heal slightly. The Claimant was travelling back and forth between her GP practice and Addenbrooke’s Hospital for wound assessments, x-rays, dressing changes and antibiotics.

By 25 March 2015, the Claimant had developed an ulcer on the proximal end of the wound.

In May 2015, the Claimant returned to her GP practice to question whether the continued wound breakdown and pain could be related to the metalwork in her ankle.

Mrs T was referred back to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

On 30 June 2015, the Claimant attended an appointment with a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon where she was advised that the metalwork could be removed but a referral was made to a Plastic Surgeon for a further review.

Again, over the months that followed, the Claimant returned to her GP practice for wound checks, dressing changes and antibiotics, as the wound continued to heal and break down.

On 10 November 2015, the Claimant attended an appointment with a Plastic Surgeon where it was noted that she had a 3cm wound overlying the lateral aspect of her ankle which corresponds to where the plate and screws were situated.

In July and September 2016, Mrs T underwent 2 debridement procedures.

Mrs T continued to attend Addenbrooke’s Hospital and her GP practice as she continued to suffer from problems with the wound.

In conclusion to the case, the Defendant denied liability throughout but made the offer of £15,000, which Mrs T was happy to accept.