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Medical Negligence

Comment: Systematic failures are to blame for the closure of Kent’s GP surgeries

Written by Peter Rigby, Director of Medical Negligence


June 12, 2019

Fletchers Solicitor’s Litigation Execute, Daniel Crowder believes systematic failures are the reason four GP surgeries have closed in Kent.

Daniel’s comments are in response to the news four GP surgeries have closed due to the Care Quality Commission’s concerns into the surgeries’ standards of care.

Elmdene Surgery joins:

  • Joydens Wood Medical Centre
  • Bean Surgery
  • and Bennett Way Surgery

In closing until further notice.

Daniel hopes that those at the heart of the surgeries’ downfall can be held accountable.

Daniel told us:

This is another example of surgeries failing to meet the CQC’s minimum standards of care. The closure is staggering and the decision will not have been taken lightly.

Clearly there are systemic failures that demonstrate a real cause for concern for patient safety and inadequate practices.

Furthermore, this temporary closure is likely to add a tremendous strain on the remaining local services.

Hopefully, the temporary suspension by the CQC will ensure the practices drastically improve their standards and put patient safety first.

It is only by drawing attention to failures such as these that changes can be brought about.

Janet Ortega, the CQC’s head of inspection for general practice, hopes the report will be published in full “in due course.”

Meanwhile, more than 10,000 patients will lose their local doctor’s surgery as a result of the decision.