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Dishonest medical negligence claimant jailed

November 3, 2022
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This week, a dishonest medical negligence claimant who dramatically inflated the extent of his injuries has been jailed for three months.

Chris Achilles, a medical negligence solicitor at Fletchers, commented on this case:

“A clear warning to client’s pursuing clinical negligence cases that they are not immune from action regarding dishonesty and contempt. Usually perceived to be action pursued by insurers in cases of road traffic accidents and slip/trip/fall claims, as the number of claims against NHS Trusts rise and the amounts they are paying out increases, the NHS appear to be utilising new methods in order to limit their outgoings as much as they can, quite rightly in this case.

This is a clear indication that the NHS are embarking on new methods of ensuring, even post-settlement, that Claimants’ awards are justified and honest.

This case will no doubt lead people to questioning the integrity and honesty of not just Claimant’s pursuing clinical negligence claims, but Claimant solicitors. We, in the industry know we are portrayed as ‘the bad guys’. It’s part and parcel of the job unfortunately. Cases such as this won’t help resolve that public perception any time soon.

As Claimant solicitors, we are, to a large degree, led by the client’s instructions and the expert evidence in terms of symptoms, ongoing problems and longevity of such problems. This example should be used to show the few Claimants who do see this process of a way of making quick money that over-egging the pudding, won’t work. There are consequences. Put simply, if you are honest about your problems, you have nothing to worry about.”

You can read more about the case here. 

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