Responsible Business

At Fletchers Group, we believe we have a responsibility to our people, our communities, and our planet.


As one of the UK’s most trusted and respected law companies, we recognise the importance of conducting our business in a responsible way. In the last 12 months, we’ve signed off a 3-year responsible business strategy and have started to embed it in our culture and operations. The new 3-year responsible business strategy brings together our community work (Our Community), environmental agenda (Our Environment), and diversity targets (Our People) under one strategy with ambitious targets we are confident we can hit. This also includes the creation of our own charity, Fletchers Foundation, a fund for our colleagues to choose who we support and working with our suppliers to ensure they are adhering to our responsible business expectations.

Responsible business highlights 2023

Responsible Business

The approach we’re taking.

Our programme is far-reaching and varied. But it is strategic too, with an overarching objective to ‘help people thrive. And by ‘people’, we refer to our own people – our Fletcherians; as well as our clients, our communities; and ultimately, those who need our support – nationwide.

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our Responsible Business Strategy is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We contribute to six specific goals through our approach: good health and wellbeing, providing quality education, protecting the planet, ensuring gender equality, reducing Inequalities, and working together to achieve the goals.

Responsible Business
Responsible Business

Our Responsible Business Report

We are committed to measuring the impact of our responsible business agenda to ensure we continue to use our resources, skills, and funding, to make the greatest positive impact on our stakeholders, our people, our communities, and our planet.

We use a mixture of internal and external measurement frameworks to measure our impact, including being a member of Business in the Community.

You can find out more about what we’re delivering and how we’re measuring the impact of our agenda, in our Responsible Business Report 2023.

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