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Road Traffic Accident

£1.4 million settlement for 30-year-old man knocked off his motorbike

Written by Caroline Morris, Director | Serious Injury Law


February 12, 2019

A 30-year-old man has been awarded £1.4 million after being knocked off his motorbike.

The man who is from Worcester Park in Surrey was going through a set of traffic lights, which were on green, when a car turned into a side road across his path.

The Defendant was prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.

Primary liability was admitted by the defendant; however, contributory negligence was raised. The defendant alleged that the claimant was travelling at speed and failed to act
to avoid the collision.

The claimant was admitted to hospital with fractures to the neck, shoulder and ribs.

On further investigation, the claimant had sustained a brachial plexus injury to the left
arm, affecting range of movement and strength.

Following surgery to attempt to regret the nerves, the claimant underwent an intensive rehabilitation programme.  Unfortunately, the claimant will be unable to regain full movement in the arm.

A wheelchair is in the foreground, with a patient receiving spinal rehabilitation in the background.

He becomes easily fatigued, needs to wear a sling through the day to support the arm, and has had to reduce his working hours and role at work to accommodate his physical limitations.

Emma Jackson, Litigation Executive and Julia Eyton, Head of Serious Injury at Fletchers Solicitors acted for the client.

The parties attended a settlement meeting in October 2019 and agreed a settlement figure of £1.4 million.

Emma said:

It was a pleasure to act on behalf of the claimant for this case. After a lengthy four and a half years of litigation, it was great to see him achieve such a fantastic settlement.

The claimant said:

I am very happy with the service Fletchers have given. Organising reports and meetings with specialists were very easy and done very quickly.

The support I got from the team with any questions I had was brilliant and answered quickly.

I felt very comfortable and reassured that I had a team behind me doing everything possible for me. Very professional and very welcoming and friendly which from the outset set me at ease with the whole process.