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Compensation secured for York cyclist, despite liability challenges

October 4, 2023
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Fletchers Solicitors successfully secured compensation for our client who sustained injuries in a bike accident in York. This case illustrates our commitment to obtaining positive outcomes for our clients, even when liability is disputed. 

The incident 

Our client was cycling in York when a car, driven by the defendant, suddenly turned right across his path, resulting in a collision. The driver initially told the police that she had not seen our client because he was obscured by a lorry. However, as the case progressed, her defence shifted, alleging that our client also turned into the junction at the same time, ultimately colliding with her vehicle. 

The case 

Throughout the legal process, the driver vehemently denied liability for the accident, making it a challenging case for our legal team. This dispute persisted until the commencement of further legal proceedings. Despite the persistent denial of liability, Cycling Accident Solicitor, Julian Fox – meticulously investigated the case and gathered substantial evidence to support our client’s claim.  

The aftermath 

The injuries sustained by our client had a profound impact on his life, exacerbating his pre-existing diabetes condition. Notably, the cycling accident ruined a much-anticipated family holiday, causing further emotional distress and inconvenience. 

The case outcome 

After the case was allocated, Fletchers Solicitors took proactive steps to secure a favourable outcome for our client. We made a strategic decision to extend an offer to settle the case, which was £10,000. To our client’s relief, the defendant accepted this offer, marking a successful conclusion of the case. 

Our client expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome of his case. By accepting the settlement, he can now focus on his recovery and look forward to a cycling holiday with his friends, rather than proceeding to a trial. 

We’re proud to have delivered justice for our client, which helped him move forward with his life after this unfortunate incident. If you or someone you know has been injured in a cycling accident, contact our cycling accident lawyers at Fletchers Solicitors today.  

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