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Riding season is here! But stay safe in Groups

May 24, 2024
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So how can we stay safe on a group ride out?

  • A group chat before setting off is a good place to start.  Set out the route, speed and expectations.  Discuss any concerns as a group.
  • A good formation is essential.  It gives each rider a clear view ahead in case of any unexpected hazards.  At least a two second gap is recommended between a rider and the one directly in front in the formation.
  • It is important for the group to know the exact destination and stops along the way to take the pressure off becoming spit up from the rest of the group.  This will hopefully help each rider to ride within their capabilities.  If they get lost they know where to meet.
  • Communication within the group is of course vital.  Modern communication technology has obviously really helped over recent years.  Make indications early and consider using hand signals.
  • A good tip to avoid riders getting lost is to keep the rider behind you in your mirrors.  If you are coming up to a turn make sure they have seen you before making the turn.
  • A common rule is that there should be no overtaking within the group.  Any change in order of riders should be done during a break or on the trip back.
  • Take the whole group into account and adjust your expectations and your speed.  If you want to go full throttle that day it may be best to give the group ride a miss and go out somewhere alone.
  • Generally, groups often find it beneficial to put the most experienced or able rider at the back.  It is common for the back rider to have to play catch up more often as they may miss overtaking opportunities which the others have been able to take.  Another, experienced and level headed rider at the front is great for setting expectations of the group.
  • Be sensible with group sizes.  Groups of 7 or more may cause more incidents and difficulties.
  • When overtaking make sure you are sure that it is clear and that you have enough time rather than just automatically following the rider in front.
  • Establish a group procedure and follow it.  Make sure any new riders are aware of the procedure and also follow it.  Riding is so much easier if you know what the rest of the group are going to do.
  • Ride within your own capabilities and don’t feel pressured into riding in a way you are not comfortable with.
  • A de-brief following the ride is a good way to end.  What particular things did the group enjoy, was communication good, what could be improved for next time?

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