Road Traffic Accident

Client forced to seek new line of work following significant scooter collision

February 20, 2024
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The incident  

In June 2020, our client was travelling along a street on his scooter and was approaching a junction to his left. As he approached the junction, the Defendant, who was waiting at the junction, without looking and being aware of the client as he approached, pulled out from the junction, turning left into the path of our client, resulting in a collision. 

As a result of the collision, our client sustained the following injuries:  

  • Fracture to the right humerus  
  • Laceration to the right elbow and armpit  
  • Abrasion to right leg  
  • Swelling of the right foot 

The aftermath  

At the time of the collision, our client was employed as a cleaner. The impact of the collision on his upper arm movement resulted in him leaving this role, as he no longer had the range of motion or strength in his  arm  to carry this out. 

Due to his injuries, primarily the injury to his right shoulder, and the client’s pre-existing psychological history, he was out of work for a lengthy period following the collision, for around 2 years following the collision. Following this period, he secured a more sedentary role, which he was later forced to leave due to the need for further surgery, to the shoulder, caused by the degenerative effects of the collision. Currently, our client remains out of work, but has recovered following surgery to the point where he is likely to be able to return in the near future. Sadly, the degenerative effects of the collision are expected to result in the need for further surgery to the shoulder in years to come, as the pain and other symptoms, including restricted movement of the shoulder return over time.  

The case outcome  

Following negotiations with the Defendant, a settlement was agreed to the sum of £45,000.  

Reflecting on the claim, Associate Personal Injury Solicitor and Team Leader Neil Downey said:  

”As a result of this collision, our client suffered a severe injury to the right shoulder which has had a significant impact upon his life.  He has also required reconstruction surgery. Unfortunately, due to other health conditions, the treatment and surgery which was required took a long time to be arranged. Sadly, the extent of the client’s injury means that he will require further surgery on his shoulder in the years to come.” 

Following on from this, our client said:  

”Thank you! Brilliant work. I cannot thank you enough for your patience and diligence, to say nothing of the great help I have received from Fletchers throughout the process of building and finally settling my case with you. Your team have been courteous, clear, and I never had one single problem with them.” 


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