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Serious Injury

Life After Injury – Dave Holdsworth

Written by Kirsty Thomas-Horton, Partner & Head of Charities and Partnerships


November 3, 2022

Over the past three years we have acted on behalf of Dave Holdsworth, who lost his arm in a motorcycle accident. Today, we are delighted to announce that Dave’s case has recently settled, allowing him to continue moving on from his injuries.

Dave was involved in a motorcycle accident whilst out riding with his son, having to be airlifted to hospital. Unfortunately, his arm couldn’t be saved and he underwent transradial (below the elbow) amputation. We shared Dave’s story last year, whilst during his intense rehabilitation he trialed the ‘Michelangelo hand’, which features built-in technology to allow more natural hand movements. He has shown great determination in moving on from his injuries and recently purchased an adapted recumbent bike to help motivate him with his physical rehabilitation.

Dave commented on how there was a ‘bittersweet’ feeling to the settlement of his case, and thanked his solicitors Louise and Kirsty for all their work.

For once I am lost for words, this email has took me a day or two to write as I know it has some finality too it. I hope you do pop your head round the door and say hey every so often, that would be nice.

Well, I was going to be wax lyrical about how this journey was made so much easier knowing that you and Kirsty were my legal representatives, showing a professional, knowledgeable, and above all patience that belies your years. But I won’t, you’ll have to settle for a very heartfelt THANK YOU.
There is a bitter sweetness to it all being over.

Our deepest gratitude
Dave and Julie

We wish Dave and his family all the best in the future.

Watch Dave trialing the Michelangelo hand below: