Serious Injury

Settlement allows our client to find a new hobby after a serious RTA

March 6, 2024
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Case managed by Ashley Nolan, Chartered Legal Executive.

The Incident   

On 29th March 2019, our client was travelling along a road on his motorcycle. The defendant’s car emerged from the entrance to car park and into the established path of our client, resulting in a collision that would be devastating for our client.   

The Aftermath  

Following the incident, our client required an air ambulance to the emergency department at Southampton General Hospital. He eventually underwent intensive emergency surgery as he lost a significant amount of blood due to a deep cut in his right jugular vein.   

Our client suffered multiple other injuries including the following:    

  • Head and facial trauma 
  • Multiple spinal fractures  
  • Right sided scapula and clavicle fractures with resulting mild brachial plexus injury  
  • Rib fractures with resulting collapsed lung  
  • Right little finger fracture and lacerations  

This incident not only had a significant physical impact on our client but also psychologically too. This incident left our client feeling isolated and extremely anxious. Prior to this incident he lived a very independent and fulfilling life however he now battles with recovery due to persisting symptoms of PTSD. This in turn has impacted his employment and future career as he returned to only working restricted duties.  

The Case  

Chartered Legal Executive, Ashley Nolan took on the case, assisted by Georgia Catherall. The defendant admitted liability early in the case, only a few months following the collision.  

The Case Outcome  

Our client’s case was settled in November 2023 at a Joint Settlement Meeting for £336, 000. This money will allow our client to regain some of his pre-accident independence.   

Prior to this incident our client was a Sales Assistant and had qualifications that were fitness focused. Due to this incident our client now has limited mobility which means that he is now considering a change of occupation. This money will allow him to transition into his new hobby of horology; working in watch servicing and repairs.  

Once the case had settled, the client commented: “My accident was horrible; I hope I never have to do that again. It left me a different person and has been very emotional. Ashley (Nolan) has been there countless times to talk to me during my very emotional episodes. When I thought all hope was lost, he was there. When I felt so angry, I could burst, he was there.

“Ashley and Georgia have helped me through what I hope to be the hardest time of my life. I honestly cannot thank Ashley and Georgia enough for everything they have done…They simplified everything for me so I could understand all this legal stuff. They made it their top priority to get me the help I needed when I needed it.”

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