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How a spinal cord injury affects your quality of life

January 8, 2020
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Written by Michael Gray, Partner & Clinical Negligence Solicitor

How a spinal cord injury affects your quality of life

If you are a victim of a spinal cord injury, there is little doubt about the significant impact this will have on your life.

In addition to any long-lasting physical change, the life you had built may now stand on a knife edge.

Rest assured, Fletchers Serious Injury has more than 30-years’ experience in securing traumatic spinal cord injuries compensation across the UK.

As well as this, we have formed formidable partnerships with spinal injury charities over the years, including:

  • Aspire
  • The Backup Trust
  • Sia

When dealing with acute spinal cord injury symptoms, we appreciate that you will have many questions that need answering.

From how far back you can claim, to the amount of compensation you may be entitled to, the questions stack up while the answers seem far away.

Here, we will aim to provide you the answers you’ve been looking for. Read on to find out how you can claim compensation with a dedicated spinal cord injury lawyer.

Life after a spinal cord injury

Rebuilding your life following a spinal cord injury is a fantastic achievement that should not be downplayed.

The life you build will invariably be different, as an acute traumatic spinal cord injury will bring changes to your routine and adaptations will need to be made, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t have a fulfilling and rewarding future.

In our thirty years of securing spinal injury compensation, we have come to understand the nuances and needs of our spinal cord injury clients.

And, we are continually building strong bonds with our clients who have experienced serious to catastrophic spinal injuries.

Road Traffic Accident spinal injuries

Road traffic accidents can result in debilitating spinal injuries, including acute spinal cord injury symptoms. It’s important to know that a claim with Fletchers Serious Injury doesn’t only extend to vehicle drivers. Motorcyclists, pedestrians and innocent bystanders can all be affected by spinal injuries, and we have great experience representing these cases.

Spinal injuries from sport

Some of the most life-altering traumatic spinal cord injuries can be a result of sporting accidents.
If you are a victim of a spinal injury as a result of your sport or hobby, and this has impacted on your quality of life, we have a proven track record in representing the below areas and many more:

Accident at work spinal injury

A spinal injury because of an accident at work can have a negative impact on your future if you’re left to fight for justice all on your own.

The workplace should never be unsafe, even if you’re handling heavy or dangerous mechanical equipment. If you have experienced a spinal injury at work, our specific accident at work page will be of great assistance.

Spinal injuries abroad

A slip, trip or fall on holiday or abroad can impact on your quality of life, especially when your spine is injured.

Acquiring an injury abroad that wasn’t your fault, can be processed through our specialist travel litigation team. When progressing with this type of claim, the more evidence you have, the best chance there is in securing the spinal injury compensation you deserve.

How is working with a specialist solicitor beneficial?

The benefit of working with an experienced legal advisor is that all the stress and uncertainty of processing your claim is taken away.

Spinal injuries are not straight forward. They can impact on your entire spine, or different sections independently. For you, the victim, the main point is knowing Fletchers Serious Injury have extensive experience in this area.

The key is finding a solicitor that can tend to your direct needs. So, if you’ve suffered a cervical spinal injury, we’ll aim to get you the best cervical spine injury compensation.

Jack benefitted from our expert support

Following a road traffic accident, Jack suffered a serious spinal cord injury that meant he had to learn how to live life again differently; in a wheelchair.

Represented by our Chief Legal Officer, Adrian Denson, Jack not only received a substantial amount of compensation for his injuries, he also discovered a love for a new sport, in wheelchair basketball.

A professional recommended Fletchers to us. We hadn’t even thought about solicitors or a claim, but he advised us things might get costly. When we met Fletchers they were just down to earth and friendly. Everything was about you. Aidey and Aimee came to meet me and got me everything I needed.”

We take your spinal cord injury representation seriously

Naturally, there’s some red tape to cut through, but we know how to handle that.

As acute traumatic spinal cord injury specialists, we’ve been dealing with spinal injury claims for over thirty years.

  • We’ll make sure we’re visible and available to talk, day and night.
  • You will deal with people, not just an automated response
  • An insistence on specialist care, including any rehabilitation costs or equipment is covered
  • Loss of earnings covered to support any loss of earnings
  • Walk you through the potential scenarios and hurdles ahead and make sure you’re informed each step of the journey

At Fletchers Serious Injury, our solicitors will place your wants and desires at the heart of the case.

If you are a victim of traumatic spinal cord injuries, call one of our expert spinal cord injury lawyers today to ensure that you receive the right advice, as quickly as possible.

Rest assured, our dedicated and friendly team will be able to answer any questions without hesitation or fuss.

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