Motorcycle accidents

Janice’s Story

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Janice suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident. With support from Fletchers, Janice has regained her confidence and started to enjoy her life again.

Janice was travelling to Folkestone Harbour on her motorbike when she was involved in a serious accident and thrown from her bike.

“…they understood every step of the way, right from the first meeting, and I knew that Louise was always there. I went with her because I trusted that she knew what she was doing. I feel that Fletchers did get the best possible result for me.” 


Case timeline

Janice was thrown from her vehicle, resulting in serious injuries, including a brain injury. After the accident, Janice had problems with her memory, her vision, as well as trouble walking due to the brain injury.

Janice was very pleased with the settlement, and the quality of life and opportunities it has given her since the accident.

Janice spends time looking after her animals and has also taken up ballroom dancing, both of which have helped in her recovery.